Adding Addon Domains If you have a Plan C package, you can add more than 1 domain on the same hosting package for... Adding a Subdomain What is a subdomain? Say your domain is you would like to create... Adding a mySQL Database and Database User 1. Log into cPanel and select "mySQL Databases"2. Find the box with "Db:" and enter the name that... Backup Email Accounts from cPanel's File Manager This tutorial will help you backup your emails from your cPanel's file manager. This is useful in... Configure Microsoft Office 365 DNS in cpanel To set up Microsoft Office 365, login to cPanel, then add/update the following DNS records for... Connect Domain to Ecom (Ecwid) To connect your domain to the Ecom website, you will need to make changes both in your Ecom admin... Create an Autoresponder NOTE: You must have an existing email account to set up an autoresponder.1. Log into cPanel2.... Custom Error Pages Error pages are a part of a website that are shown when a visitor tries to visit a page and there... Email creation in cPanel (Webmail) Congratulations on your new hosting account!Ready to setup the email acounts? Follow the... How to change PHP settings/INI The cPanel includes the latest PHP version (7.2)To change the default PHP version and add /... How to create email accounts on Cpanel To create an email account: Login to your cPanel (Go to your client area > Services > My... How to create landing/under construction page Create a landing or under construction page: Also known as a landing page or an... How to edit DNS in cPanel You can edit DNS settings like MX records, A records, TXT records, etc., in your cPanel. Please... How to generate back up via cPanel To generate a full backup in cPanel:1. Log into cPanel.2. In the Files section, click on the... Installing Wordpress You can easily install WordPress for a domain using "Softaculous" in cPanel.   1. Log in to... Manage FTP Accounts You can use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your website date to your hosting server.... Redirect to another URL How to Set Up a Redirect via cPanel:  1. Log into cPanel. 2. Under Domains, click the Redirects... Set Up an Email Forwarder You may wish to set up an email address in cPanel that redirects to another email address.1. Log... Setting Up Hotlink Protection If someone is linking directly to your images or files from another website you may decide to set... Spam Filters Are you tired of receivng tons of spam emails that are affecting your day to day activities?... URL redirect/rewrite using the .htaccess file Summary By default your website can be accessed with both and Using the File Manager Log into cPanel and click on the "File Manager" link. A page will open in a new window. All of...
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