Email creation in cPanel (Webmail)

Congratulations on your new hosting account!

Ready to setup the email acounts? Follow the instructions below to get started.

1. Login to your account

2. Login to cPanel (Services > My services > Active > Login to cPanel)

AEserver services


AEserver cPanel

3. Once in the cPanel, go to Email Accounts

AEserver cPanel

4. Create the emails that you wish by filling in the relevant fields. You can set the mailbox quota as desired.

AEserver emails

5. Once done, you can see all your email accounts there.

AEserver emails

6. To check the manual mail settings, click Set Up Mail Client

AEserver emails

Now that the emails are created, here are some links to help you further:

  • email cpanel, email creation, Webmail, cPanel
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