Algeria (.dz)

Requirements for registration of domain in Algeria (.dz domains)


1. French (No longer required ) copy of the application form, stamped (sealed with company stamp) and signed by the client and clearly indicating signatory name and position within company stating the following:

  1. Registrant’s name, address and contacts
  2. Administrative and technical contacts,
  3. The domain name applied for,
  4. The IP addresses and names of the primary, secondary and tertiary name servers (instead of providing IP Address of web-server)

*The form should be filled in by machine (hand written forms are no more acceptable)

2. A simply signed and stamped power of attorney document (attached is a proper form) indicating signatory name and position within company.

3. Copy of the Original Registration Certificate as issued from WIPO or from the Algerian Trademark Office, the TM should be matching the domain name being applied for.

*No need for Original Documents anymore,  copies will be suffecient

Top Level Domain:


  for all institutions and organizations


Second Level Domains:

  for economic and commercial companies

  for state related bodies or organizations

  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) regulated in networks

  for governmental organizations

  for academic and scientific institutions

  for associations

  for political establishments

  for culture and arts


Approximate process time upon receipt of documents:

  • 2 weeks to 3 months





  Domain name registration (1 year)



  *No more renewal charges in Algeria/domain remains active

  Domain name search



  Assignment recordal for Domain Name registration



  Change of name of registrant for Domain Name registration



  Change of Address of registrant for Domain Name registration



  Amendments of Technical and /or administrative contacts



  Change of Agent






Important notes:

  • Only national trademark registrations or international trademarks registered within   framework of the Madrid agreement designating Algeria are acceptable.

  • As per new Local practices and as from January 2010 Domain Names Registrations are renewed automatically free of charges unless otherwise instructed.

  • Domain name servers can be outside of Algeria

  • The DN renewal is related to the renewal of the trademark accordingly, when the trademark will be due, the DN will be automatically cancelled and then a copy of the renewal of the trademark should be submitted to the Algerian NIC Office to renew the DN. Kindly be informed that the duration of an Algerian Trademark Registration is 10 years and the WIPO one is 20 years.


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