Bahrain (.bh)

Requirements for registration of domain in Bahrain (.bh domains)


  • Application Form
  • A letter requesting the domain name registration
    1. On official letterhead
    2. Submitted in original form


  1. Power of Attorney
    1. Legalized & Notarized up to the Bahraini or any other Arab Consulate
    2. Original is required by mail

**Note that the PoA must be signed by applicant company or person, not an individual.

The power of attorney and the supporting documents are no longer necessary to be legalized up to an Arab consulate, if the applicant’s country is a member of The Hague Convention. In this case, the documents must be authenticated by an Apostille to be acceptable in Bahrain.

Top Level Domain:





Second Level Domains:

  for commercial use

  for governmental institutes and agencies


  educational bodies

  non-for-profit organizations

  for informational sites

  for Businesses

Process time upon receipt of COMPLETE documents:

  • 7-10 working days





  Domain name registration



  Domain monthly fee



  Domain name renewal



  Domain Name Transfer



  Domain  Amendments





  • Upon registration of your domain name, our office shall charge for registration plus the upfront renewal fee ($142.50 registration + $360 renewal) totaling $502.50.

  • For the upcoming renewal, after one year, you shall be charged the renewal fee only of $360. This is due to the ISP monthly renewal charging procedure($30 per month which we  consolidate to $360 a year).

  • Any resident or non-resident company may obtain a domain name registration in Bahrain. According to the regulations, a domain name registration should actively rent a space for the website with BATELCO (minimum space should be 5 MB) and have IP numbers for a primary and secondary nameservers


  • Domain Price
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