What are the requirements/eligibility for .AE Domain Names?

AEserver is an accredited .ae/.emarat domain name registrar in under the .ae domain name administration (aeDA) which is a body under the TRA.

We work directly with the aeDA policy and the following lists the eligiblity for all domain name registrations under .ae:

1. No documents are required (no passports, no trade licenses). The registration is similar to that of a .com domain name.

(P.S Some other .ae registrars still require for documents, however this is against the policy and they most probably use them for internal compliance and other reasons)

2. No local presence in the UAE is required, you/your business can be located anywhere.

3. Your name/company name will be made available in the .ae WHOIS service, this can be accessed at http://www.aeserver.com/whois . There is no private whois service for .ae names as per the policy.

4. Domain names can be transfered from one aeDA registrar to another and also between different registrants within the same registrar.
AEserver offers free transfers (or pushes) between registrars and registrants. Please contact sales for further information.

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