Unlimited Hosting (Plan C) & Cloud - Fair Usage Policy

AEserver offers unlimited hosting package - Plan C which has unlimited email disk space usage.

Technically, no resources are infinite and there is always a limit and hence AEserver has implemented a fair usage policy for Plan C (offshore hosting only) as of 01-February-2014 for all customers.

The fair usage applies to:

-Not using our services for file sharing and storing large amounts of data that are not a part of the customer's website (i.e files that are not related to website functionality on the www).
-Uploading large .zip, iso, .dmg and .rar archives/backups (over 5 GB)
-Not using more than 25 GB of disk space per email account. This is the industry standard mailbox size and the maximum that most email clients such as Outlook can handle in stable operations.

Plan C customers are limited to 100GB of data on the signup date of account and this can be increased by contacting our support team who will review your account for usage and take the decision to add extra disk space.

If any customer is found violating the above policy, they will recieve a warning on first occasion to clear the account, further violations may result in account suspension and/or termination.

AEserver strives to offer the same level of service to all customers on our servers and hence having the fair usage policy is the integral part in having a stable and secure environment for all our customers.

On all our cloud VPS, the following fair share usage applied:

on 5mbps port: 250GB/month
on 10mbps port: 500GB/month
on 25mbps port: 1000GB/month
on 50mbps port: 2500GB/month
on 100mbps port: 5000GB/month

Any overage is billed at AED 500/TB ($155/TB).

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