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Why Register a .AE Domain?

Choosing a .ae domain can give your website an edge in the UAE, signaling to Google that your content is specifically tailored for the local audience. However, it's essential to remember that quality content remains paramount. While a great domain is beneficial, maintaining a strong SEO strategy is key to achieving lasting success in reaching your target audience

.ae – These two letters signal to visitors from the UAE and the Middle East that your business is dedicated to serving their needs.

Establish stronger bonds with Middle Eastern customers by utilizing a domain associated with the UAE, the trusted business hub of the region.

Cheap .AE & امارات. Domain Name Prices

AEserver is UAE's favourite .ae domain name provider. Offering instant real-time booking & registration at best prices possible.

AEserver is a licensed & accredited .ae domain name registrar by the aeDA (TDRA) of UAE since 2008. This means that we are an authorized company to offer .ae domains. By booking your domain names with us, your rights are guaranteed by the .ae domain policy.

.AE Domain Name Professionals since 2008

AEserver has helped thousands of businesses in the UAE & globally to securely register thier domain names online. We offer an online platform to search for your domain name, register it and host it. Managing a domain name is made easy in our online client portal. No paperwork, no manual old-school action, domains the way they should be!

If you need assistance, have questions or would like to avail the free service of our domain name specialists in choosing the best name for your business, feel free to get in touch with us using the live chat option/WhatsApp chat or call our toll free.

Benefits of using .AE Domains

.ae is the ccTLD - country code top-level domain assigned to the U.A.E. This domain name is a very popular domain extension and used by people & businesses focused on the United Arab Emirates. There are over 350,000 .ae domain names registered. By booking a local domain name you will instantly tell your audience that you are targeting the UAE.

You don’t need a trade license or be locally based in the UAE to buy a .ae domain name. International businesses can buy these domains to build a local presence. It’s an instantly recognisable domain extension with strong appeal to anyone in the UAE.


.AE Domain Name Facts & Requirements

Registration Requirements
.ae is an unrestricted name. Any person or business from any country is eligible.
Are companies and private individuals eligible to register?
Yes. However make sure the name is not trademarked or copyrighted.
Registration Timeline
Instant Real-time
United Arab Emirates
Registration Periods
1,2,3,4 & 5 Years.
Private WHOIS Registration
Not allowed by the registry.
None needed. 100% instant online registration
Official Policy
Latest policy documents on aeDA website. Read Here

Frequently Asked Questions: .AE & امارات. Domains

  • What is a .ae Domain Name?

    The .ae domain name is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet. It is delegated to the United Arab Emirates. It is administered by aeDA which is part of the UAE Telecommunications & Digital Gov Regulatory Authority (TDRA). The aeDA is responsible for the policy and the regulatory framework of the .ae ccTLD. You can also book the Arabic International Domain Name (IDN) for the UAE which is امارات.

  • Are private individuals eligible to register .ae domain names?

    Yes, all individuals are eligible to register and own .ae domains. As long as the said domain is not copyrighted or trademarked and not registered in bad faith.

  • How long can I register a .ae domain name for?

    All .ae domains can be registered in 1 year interval for upto 5 years. The domain name is renewable in 1 year intervals (upto 5 years).

  • Do I need paperwork/trade license or legal documents to register .ae domains?

    No, paperwork is not needed to register and own a .ae domain. This is an open and unrestricted zone.

  • Can I purchase a domain privacy (WHOIS Protection) together with my .ae domain name?

    No. .ae domains do not support private registrations as per the polcy. The registrant's name/company name and email address will be displayed in public WHOIS. No other details are visible in the WHOIS.

  • Can I add a professional email or web hosting package on my .ae domain name?

    Definitely! You can add a web hosting package or professional emails to your .ae domain at anytime. Checkout our offerings on the here.

  • Do you offer 3rd Level .CO.AE | .NET.AE | .AC.AE | .SCH.AE | ORG.AE | امارات. domains?

    Yes, AEserver is a UAE based accredited registrar and we offer registration under the 3rd level however these domain names have certain requirements for registration. Please review our knowledge-base or chat with our team for any questions.

  • Can I transfer my .ae domain name to/from another person or registrar?

    Yes! You can transfer the domain name to AEserver from any other registrar or vice-versa. You can also request to change the registrant details (domain name ownership).

  • What happens if a .ae domain expires, when does it get deleted?

    The .ae domain names expire on the expiry date mentioned in the client area. On this date, the domain will stop resolving (i.e the DNS entries are undelegated at the registry). The domain then enters the expiredHold state in which it stays for 30 calendar days. The domain name can be renewed at anytime during this period. After this period, the domain name enters into expiredPendingPurge state, the name is no longer renewable and will be deleted (becomes available for registration again) within 3 calendar days.

  • Can I become a partner/reseller to sell .ae and other domains?

    Yes! AEserver offers a partner/reseller program for .ae domain names. We also offer bulk registration discounts for our loyal clients. Please review our partners page for details.

  • I just booked a domain and made a mistake/changed my mind, what options do I have?

    Do not worry! We offer a grace period for new .ae domain name registrations to correct typographical (typos) errors and also change of the name all together. This can be done within 48 hours of booking a domain name. Kindly contact our support team for assistance. There is a minimal admin fee for such requests.