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Why Register a .QA Domain?

The .qa is your digital website address for your website in Qatar

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AEserver is an accredited registrar for .QA by the CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority – State of Qatar) since 2013 and we guarantee a seamless and secured registration, renewal, transfer and payment process. By registering your Qatari domain name with us, your rights are secured by the CRA policy.

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What is a .qa domain?

The .qa domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Qatar. It is specifically designed for businesses, organizations, and individuals with a presence or interest in Qatar. Any business, organization, or individual targeting the Qatari market should consider registering a .qa domain. This includes local businesses, international companies with operations in Qatar, and individuals seeking a localized web presence.

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Benefits of .qa Domains

.qa is the ccTLD – country code top-level domain assigned to the State of Qatar. This domain name is a very popular domain extension and used by people & businesses focused on the Qatari market. There are over 25,000+ .qa domain names booked. By booking a local domain name you will instantly tell your audience that you are targeting Qatari market.

You don’t need a trade license or be locally based in Qatar to buy a .qa domain name. International businesses can buy these domains to build a local presence. It’s an instantly recognizable domain extension with strong appeal to anyone in Qatar – Home of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Official Requirements for .QA & قطر. Domains

.qa domain Rules & Regulations for .QA & قطر. Domains
Who can register a .qa domain? Unrestricted Domain. Anyone (Individual/Company) can book a name.
Are companies and private individuals eligible to register? Yes. Make sure it is not trademarked or copyrighted.
Registration Timeline Instant. Real-time.
Country State of Qatar
Registration/Renewal Terms 1,2,3,4 & 5 Years
Private WHOIS Registration WHOIS privacy is not supported. Limited data is visible in whois.
Special Rules for .qa domains Qatar based companies must first register a domain name for their business and then register the matching .qa domain
Official Policy Latest policy documents on CRA website

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Frequently Asked Questions: .QA & قطر. Domains

  • What is a .qa Domain Name?

    .qa is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Qatar. As of September 2011, members of the general public can register Qatar Internet domain names (.QA) that are available through accredited registrars like AEserver. The whole process is real-time & online. There is also an international domain name (IDN) in Arabic language which is written as قطر.

  • Are private individuals eligible to register .qa & قطر. domain names?

    Yes, all private individuals are now eligible to register and own .qa domains. As long as the said domain is not copyrighted or trademarked.

  • How long can I register .qa domain names?

    All .qa domains can be registered up to 5 years, renewable and minimum of 1 year intervals (upto 5 years). The same applies to قطر. IDN domains

  • Do I need paperwork to register .qa & قطر. domain names?

    No, paperwork is not needed to register and own a .qa domain. However, it’s advisable to check the specific requirements and guidelines set by the Qatar Domains Registry (QDR) to ensure compliance.

  • Can I purchase a domain privacy/WHOIS protection together with my .qa domain name?

    No. .qa domains are not qualified to get domain privacy add-on. Some details will be displayed in the public whois.

  • Can I add a professional email or web hosting on my .qa & قطر. domain name?

    Definitely! You can add a web hosting package or professional email to your .qa domain. You can get a free .qa (or قطر.) domain name with any hosting plan from AEserver.

  • Do you have a .QA reseller/partner program and pricing?

    Definitely! AEserver offers .qa (or قطر.) domain names for our resellers/partners at special prices with API/EPP registration. Please checkout our partners page for details.

  • Can I transfer my existing domain to a .qa domain?

    Yes, you can transfer your existing .qa domain. This process typically involves getting the EPP code/domain password from your existing registrar and placing an order on our portal.

  • How do I register a .qa domain?

    To register a .qa domain, use AEserver’s registration platform to search for your desired domain name. Follow the registration steps and complete the payment process to secure your .qa domain.

  • Why should I register a .qa domain?

    Registering a .qa domain offers several advantages:

    • Local Presence: It establishes a strong local presence, indicating that your business is committed to the Qatari market.
    • SEO Benefits: A .qa domain can improve your search engine rankings for users searching within Qatar, enhancing your visibility.
    • Trust and Credibility: It builds trust and credibility with local customers, who may prefer to engage with locally-based businesses.
    • Brand Recognition: It helps in creating a strong regional brand identity, aligning your business with Qatar.
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