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Why Register a .shop Domain?

Satisfy the world's buyers with .shop – a great domain extension for e-commerce sites of all sizes

Best priced .shop domains in UAE

Start your online shop’s digital presence with the one of the most sought after domain for online shops. The registration cost is very affordable making it an ideal choice for new online shops. Whatever type of website you have, having a .shop domain is something to brag about.

Benefits of .shop domains?

When it comes to eCommerce, the outlook is very positive. Online sales are surging in the UAE, the Middle East & globally, with analysts predicting that web purchases will more than double in the Asia-Pacific region over the next few years and continue to rise in Western Europe and North America. What better way to attract attention to your store than with a .shop domain name? It signals to the increasing number of online shoppers that you’re ready to take their orders.

Expand your reach online

Even if you’re a small local business, a .shop domain can help customers in your town find you online. But don’t limit yourself to just your city or country. Think bigger. A .shop website makes your business visible to buyers worldwide. With cross-border online shopping on the rise, expanding your reach will be worth the effort. More consumers mean more sales.

Official requirements to register a .shop domain name

shop-domains-big Official policy for .shop Domain Names
Who can register a .shop domain in the UAE? Unrestricted – any person or business can register the doman
Are companies and private individuals eligible to register? Yes. Any person/business from any country can book a name
Registration Timeline Instant Realtime
Registration Term 1-10 Years
Private Domain Registration Yes. Whois ID protection addon

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Frequently Asked Questions – .shop domains in the UAE

  • What is .shop Domain Name?

    The .shop is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) launched in September 2016. Nine companies including Google, Amazon and Famous Four Media filed applications for .shop in the 2012 ICANN new gTLD application round. A .shop domain is a top-level domain (TLD) specifically designed for businesses involved in e-commerce, retail, and online shopping. It helps businesses create a memorable and relevant online presence that immediately conveys their commercial purpose.

  • What are the benefits of a .shop domain in Dubai and the UAE?

    A .shop domain offers several benefits for users in Dubai, the UAE, and the Middle East:

    • E-commerce Focus: Clearly indicates that your website is related to shopping and retail, attracting relevant traffic.
    • SEO Benefits: Helps improve search engine rankings for e-commerce-related searches, enhancing your visibility.
    • Brand Recognition: Creates a strong and memorable brand identity for online shoppers in the region.
    • Trust and Credibility: Builds trust with customers by showcasing your focus on e-commerce and retail.
  • Who should consider registering a .shop domain in the UAE?

    Any business, free-zone company, or individual involved in e-commerce, retail, or online shopping should consider registering a .shop domain. This includes local stores, international e-commerce platforms, and entrepreneurs in Dubai, the UAE, and other Middle Eastern countries.

  • How does a .shop domain improve SEO in Dubai and the UAE?

    A .shop domain can enhance your SEO by signaling to search engines that your website is relevant to e-commerce and shopping-related queries. This can lead to better search rankings and increased visibility in local search results, benefiting businesses in Dubai and the UAE.

  • Are .shop domains suitable for businesses in Dubai and the Middle East?

    Yes, .shop domains are suitable for businesses, especially those in Dubai, the UAE, and the Middle East that are involved in retail and e-commerce. They help create a strong and credible online identity focused on shopping.

  • How do I register a .shop domain in Dubai or the UAE?

    To register a .shop domain, use AEserver’s platform to search for your desired domain name. Follow the registration steps and complete the payment process to secure your .shop domain, whether you’re based in Dubai, the UAE, or elsewhere in the Middle East.

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