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Brand Management

You spend years building a trusted brand – all to have it devastated and damaged in mere moments by the fallout of online fraud. When someone exploits your brand online, it results in loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust. Protect your digital assets today!

Top notch Brand Protection for your business

Attacks against domain names and brands are very disruptive—damaging not only the company’s reputation and client trust but also the company as a whole. The internet enables a massive reach that the fraudsters have noticed.

Despite these ongoing threats, many companies/brands remain unaware of the scope of abuse, until it hits them when it gets too late. Now is the ideal time to protect your brand.

AEserver offers the following services for startups & SME’s alike:

Domain Name & Brand Abuse Protection
Phishing Protection/Fake Mobile Apps – Take Down Service
Social Media Impersonation Monitoring
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Consult Now

Entrust your business to AEserver

AEserver has been in business in the UAE since 2005 and over the years, we have witnessed a huge transformation in the digital landscape. Many startups have turned into brands with worldwide fame. Fraudsters have also noticed this and established thier operations in this region to encash on the prosperous economy. Do not let them target your brand!

Brand Name/Domain Monitor
Reputation Control
AntiFraud Protection
On-call Team for Rapid Defense

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