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Transfer Your Domain Names

Free 1 Year Renewal + DNS Management

Accredited Registrar since 2008

AEserver is accredited by the aeDA (TDRA) of UAE since year 2008. Licensed to offer .ae domain name registration services. We are an official registrar and operate under the Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) which means that your domain names are registered & managed by an official & regulated company.

AEserver is also an accredited domain name registrar in Qatar for .qa domains and in Bahrain for .bh domains.

AEserver allows offers registration services across 700+ domain extensions including most gTLDs (including new gTLDs) and plenty of country code domains – ccTLDs.


Easy Domain Name Management in the UAE

Get access to all domain management tools that you would expect from a top UAE domain registrar including private whois registration, bulk registration, easy transfers, easy DNS management such as MX, A, CNAME, SPF, DMARC and other record types.

Renewal Reminders

We will send you periodic notifications via email & phone calls so you never risk losing your digital asset due it's expiry

Global DNS Servers

Every domain comes with a free online DNS control panel. We run a global DNS infrastructure using anycast technology

URL/Email Forwarding

Forward your domain name and emails to other locations without paying for a web hosting plan

Trusted .ae provider
Privacy Protection

Hide your personal information from public whois database and protect identity from the annoying marketing agents & fraud

Transfer Lock

Security of your domains is of utmost importance! Set a registrar lock and we will prevent any unauthorized changes & transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to transfer a domain name from another registrar to AEserver?

    We make domain name transfers simple and quick. To transfer a domain name, you will need to have access to the domain name management panel at your existing domain name registrar. This is needed to retrieve the domain name password (EPP code, auth code) and set your domain name to unlocked status. You will then need to copy/paste this password into our order form and proceed with the order. The transfer usually takes upto 5 days for most domains and does not involve any downtime. Expired domains can also be transfered.

  • Why should I transfer my domain name?

    A domain name is your business asset and should be managed with care. At AEserver, we are a professional domain name registrar in the UAE since 2005 and we manage hundred of thousands of names. We offer a secure system for managing, renewing and securing your domains. AEserver provides 24/7 support to all our clients and an online portal to manage your domain name including DNS settings, DNSsec settings, EPP code, transfer lock. We also offer renewal reminders for your domain name and even call you – an exclusive feature in the industry, free of cost!

  • Do you offer domain name privacy (Private WHOIS)?

    The amount of email SPAM and fraud/fake emails sent to the domain name registrars worldwide is incredibly high. It is important to ‘hide’ your personal contact data from the public WHOIS database by enabling the private registration option. This feature is available at a small annual fee and is available for most domain names.

  • I have many domains with another provider, can I transfer in bulk?

    Yes you can! AEserver offers very competitive prices & superior customer support. If you are looking to transfer more than 10 domains to us then you might be interested in our partner programs for wholesale domain registration & renewal prices. We work with many global partners including ICANN accredited registrars that use our technology & services to manage their local domains with AEserver.

  • What are the tools available to manage the domain name?

    Our client portal allows you to manage your domain names & other services from any location and any device. You will be able to register, renewal, transfer domains. You will also be able to manage the DNS zone records (such as MX, A, CNAME, SPF, etc) and also update the contact details (whois) of your domains. You also have access to bulk editing tools so that you can save time by editing 1 or 100 domain name at the same time.

  • How to Transfer a .ae Domain Name?

    .ae domain names, just like any others can be transferred to AEserver. The domain name transfer process is very easy and all you need to do is get your domain name password (its also called the EPP code and auth info) from your current registrar. If you cannot do this, head over to the .ae domain name password recovery page located at password.ae and request a new code that will be sent your registered email. You can then proceed with the transfer process. It takes exactly 48 hours to complete the transfer process of the .ae domain name, it is fully automatic and no actions are required.

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