AEserver at Web Summit Lisbon 2022

Technology drives innovation, and the Web summit is proof of that!

Web Summit is the World’s no1 annual technology conference held in Lisbon. It brings together experts from around the World who know the potential of the future. As 2022 gives us a lot to think about the future of work, it allows us to join masterclasses and other learning activities to stay updated.

Four inspiring working days where driven people, visionaries, investors and entrepreneurs joined to live, share and explore technology in disruptive thinking toward innovation.

We would like to mention some of the highlighted points throughout the conference from the expert voices.

  • Focus on skills: as the future of work becomes present, companies will demand more. So focus on acquiring new and relevant skills to stay competitive.
  • Adopt the forever-learner attitude: it’s about seeking continuous professional development. Do not settle. Keep moving, keep learning.
  • Adapt yourself: more than ever; companies need partners rather than employees. They want people who can adapt to the constant business changes.
  • Embrace new challenges: changes are sometimes scary but also allow development. Embrace new opportunities to apply your skills or to take the lead in aiding your company’s growth.

In essence, we are delighted to inform you that AEserver attended the most famous worldwide technological convention earlier in November.

Our team got together to participate in innovative roundtables and share insights and ideas with many intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. Additionally, AEserver stands with a British company Intis telecom representing the domain zone at an international technology conference – Web summit in Lisbon.

We had fun, gathered inspiration, and made connections. We are also looking forward to being a part of this enormous tech conference next year to expand our horizons and soak up the knowledge of the World’s leading tech experts.

See you at next year’s Web Summit.

If you like to read more about it, please visit the below link: 🙂

Khaleej Times: Web Summit Altice Arena & Fil in Lisbon: What’s Next?

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