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Expert Insights on Domains and Hosting in the UAE & Beyond
Why You Still Need a VPN in UAE in 2024
When it comes to internet security in the UAE, it's a no-brainer. Erring on the side of caution is always a wise decision, but simplicity for the user is equally essential when setting up a secure connection. VPNs are straig...
Learn the Best Tips to Check Site Safety
check your website safety
Master the art of online safety as we unveil the optimal strategies for checking site security. This guide explores essential tips to fortify your digital defenses and ensure a secure online experience. Navigate the intricat...
Tips to back up your WordPress site and why you need this
wordpress backup
In the Internet World Wide, data is vulnerable to threats and accidents. Having a robust backup plan is not just advisable—it's essential. This article provides vital tips about how to back up your website effectively. It ex...
Tips to Secure Your Website: Best Practices
website security
We live in a world where online presence is integral to triumph. This way, preserving your page against cybersecurity threats is paramount.
Reasons for 500 Internal Server Errors and Tips to Fix It
500 internal server error
In the vast expanse of the internet, encountering the elusive "500 Internal Server Error" can be likened to entering a complex digital maze. This mysterious notification often bewilders both users and website proprietors. An...
What Happens When You Don’t Have a Security Certificate on Your Site?
Risks of not using SSL on websites
If you own a website, even a simple one, you're facing whether an SSL certificate is necessary. As you tally up your expenses...
Ways to Find Domain Name Owner
how to find domain name owner
Seeking the holder of a host identifier is a common task for various reasons. Among them are business negotiations, legal matters, or simply out of curiosity. It serve as unique identifiers for websites on the internet. It i...
WordPress Cyberattacks and How to Prevent Them
WordPress security and prevention tips
WordPress truly powers the web. But with its popularity, it comes with some significant challenges, including security vulnerabilities and the risk of cyber attacks. Hackers and malicious actors often target WordPress websit...
DDoS Attack Meaning – Types, Tips to Prevent
ddos attack meaning
The online world is constantly changing. This means people and businesses always have to be alert. Some might hear ‘DDoS attack’ and think it’s just a techno-jargon. But the impact of a DDoS attack online spreads wide in the...
What Is Email Spam Filtering?
Imagine sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. You’re hungry and excited, ready to savor every bite. But as you take your first forkful, someone sneaks in and throws pieces of junk food onto your...
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