What Are the Most Common Domain Extensions Used in Gulf Countries?

Are you wondering which are the most common domain name extensions in Gulf countries?

A domain name points people directly to your website hence choosing a domain name is very important for your business. It is a vital element influencing your brand identity. Of course, .com is the most popular one widely used worldwide; other common domain extensions besides .com are used in gulf countries. In this article, we will share the list of domain extensions commonly used in the gulf countries along with the purpose of each domain extension.

The Most Common Domain Extensions in Gulf Countries

It is almost impossible to get an accurate number of registered domains of each domain extension because most registrars don’t publish their domain count. Although, we have made a list of domain extensions by overviewing some reputable domain registrars from the gulf countries.

Common Domain Extensions in UAE

The following are the top three common domain extensions in UAE.

.AE Domain

.AE is one of the most common domain extensions among gulf countries. It is a ccTLD of UAE, the most potent country known in terms of advanced technology and a rising economy. UAE provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to do business and get profitable returns.

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to invest in gulf countries. As a result, the majority choose to work in the UAE because of the opportunities for a successful living it gives. Registering with a .AE domain name is an excellent idea to attract Emiratis and seem authentic to them.

Register new .AE names starting at AED 115 / year

Why Is the .AE Domain So Popular?

By registering a .AE domain name, your company can provide localized information about your product and services.

Using .AE extension is the best approach to give your company a professional image that helps to attract the target audience. By targeting the locals, you can maximize your company’s revenue.

It creates a UAE-based identity for your company website and makes your business more reliable to Emiratis.

There is a good chance that your ideal domain name is available in the .AE extension. You can easily find and secure a name that suits your particular business perfectly.

This also helps attract people who wish to support local businesses and makes it a point to “buy all Emiratis” goods.

.Abudhabi Domains

.Abudhabi is the official ccTLD for the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It aims to promote Abu Dhabi and inspire innovation that drives the global promotion of Abu Dhabi Emirate as well as aligning the government, businesses, and the internet community with the values & vision of Abu Dhabi.

Register new .Abudhabi names starting at AED 300 / year.

Why Is the .Abudhabi Domain So Popular?

Abu Dhabi has laid the groundwork for a smooth transition to digital platforms in recent years. The government of Abu Dhabi is working non-stop to position the city as an international hub, from providing world-class business and educational facilities to supporting startup entrepreneurs.

The country has further reinforced its position in the digital economy, supported by multiple factors, including improvements in information technology, 5G networks, and significant government support for digital transformation. The importance of having a solid and reliable digital framework was made clear .abudhabi domains are popular among the gulf countries.

.ME Domains

.me is the Internet ccTLD for Montenegro to the universally accepted synonym for personal online presence, and it also fits the Middle East like no other domain.

Target the whole Middle East with a single domain starting at AED 19 / year.

Why Is .Me So Popular Domain Extension?

The value of the .ME domain is visible enough even at first sight. Compared to other domain extensions, .ME has a global attraction, is personal, and can be used for call-to-action.

Having experienced significant growth, .ME domains seek to remain strong in its established markets, such as Europe, the US, and Canada but also expand into new territories like Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

There is a clear connection between .ME domains, and the regional abbreviation for the Middle East is ME.

So, instead of using specific country-level domains for Middle Eastern countries, companies can simply use .ME. “Now they can build everything in one place, for all Middle Eastern. Even famous global brands are using .me for their online presence in the Middle East, for example, KFC (KFC.me), Pizza Hut (pizzahut.me), and Vogue (en.vogue.me).

Other Common Domain Extensions in Gulf Countries

.QA Domains

.QA is an official domain and ccTLD for Qatar. Qatar Domains are the best way to connect with people in Qatar, across the gulf countries, and around the globe.

Qatar is known as a thriving and innovative country. Just like Qatar’s progressive world reputation, using .qa or قطر. Qatar Domain will help you grow.

Book .QA domains for AED 60 / year.

Why .QA Domain Is So Popular

There are many other reasons for the popularity of the .QA domain. That includes:

Qatari Riyal is considered to be among the most powerful currencies around the globe. The reason for that is simple: it’s a gulf country, so the government relies on the export of petroleum and natural gas.

Qatar allows locals to have an improved quality of life. This means people living in Qatar can afford luxuries (including your product).

Foreign companies are attracted to invest their money in Qatar because of the exceptional government support.

The country allows you to grow your revenues and also provides a business-friendly environment. But if you want to expand your business in Qatar, the first thing that you should do is buy a .QA domain website for your company.

.BH Domains

Bahrain is one of the most liberal business states. It is considered the 2nd most business-friendly country in the middle east and north Africa.

.BH is Bahrain’s internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). It was introduced in 1994 and intended for Entities connected with this territory. INET is responsible for carrying out its registry.

Register .bh & البحرين. domains for BHD 22 / USD 59 per year

Why Is the .Bh Domain So Popular?

There are many good reasons to invest in Bahrain. But before you do that, we recommend registering a .BH domain name for your company that can benefit you in different ways.

Bahrain is considered one of the most competitive and fast-growing economies. Its currency is the second most powerful money in the world. However, Bahrain has a short supply of oil and gas compared to other gulf countries, so the government made efforts to expand its economic activities. They have invested immensely in finance and infrastructure. Today, Bahrain has billions of dollars worth of national income from the banking sectors and tourism.

Companies located in Beverly Hills, California, or Bosnia Herzegovina can also use the BH initials for domain hacking.

.SA Domains

.SA is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Saudi Arabia. It was introduced in 1994 and was intended for entities connected with this country. The SA domain extension is trendy in Saudi Arabia and is mainly used by Saudi Arabian companies, organizations, and government agencies.

Why Is the .SA Domain So Popular?

Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of petroleum in the world. The geographical location of this territory is advantageous because it provides easy access to Asia, Africa, and Europe. Local government laws also allow foreigners to own properties and real estate. Most importantly, Saudi Arabia has a more extensive customer base for any business, as millions of consumers are interested in trying new products. So, it can be your company’s next target market.

The economic condition in Saudi Arabia is compelling. If you are serious about expanding your business in this territory, buying the .sa domain is a must.

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.KW Domains

.KW refers to Kuwait’s official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). It was introduced in 1992 and was intended for entities affiliated with this country.

Why Is Registering a .Kw Domain So Popular?

Kuwait is a small country with limited territorial space. But its petroleum-based economic activities made this nation prosperous and progressive. The currency of Kuwait remains to have the highest value of money not in Asia but worldwide. This country also makes billions of dollars from the finance and banking sectors. That is why overseas investors consider Kuwait a great destination for long-term investments.

Before you invest in this country, buy.KW domains would be a wise decision.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of considerations in picking out the perfect domain name. In addition, finding a domain that reflects your brand, is short, and easy to remember is crucial to your business journey. You must also ensure the domain extension is available and aligns with your needs.

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