How to Keep Your Domain Information Private?

We live in an age where hacking, malware attacks, and many other cybercrimes have become very common. Due to these cybercrimes, the need for privacy and security has become more and more necessary for everyone who is using the internet whether for personal use or for a business. Proper data security can be considered a significant differentiating factor for many users in light of data breaches and violations.

If security and privacy is your concern, then you have come to the right place. Your security is our primary responsibility. Our role is to ensure the ongoing safe and secure use of your domain information while minimizing the exposure risk.

What’s a WHOIS?

WHOIS is a tool that provides the user any information about a specific domain name. Whenever a user buys a new domain name, he/she must give their correct contact information to their registrar. Whatever information the buyer gives is added to a WHOIS record which is a publically available database. Anyone can access your domain information via a WHOIS search until and unless you also buy domain privacy. You can easily search for your domain right now on WHOIS search to see what’s out there.

Using WHOIS, a user can access all the domain information like the name of the registrar and the status of registration, and personal information of the registrant like name, address, and even their phone number. But here at AEserver, we keep your all information private.

What is Domain Privacy?

Domain privacy is an add-on service that helps you to secure your personal information. On the one hand, some users want their personal information accessible to the public so that customers can easily contact them which is beneficial sometimes. But on the other hand, some users don’t want their personal information even slightly reachable to protect themselves from malicious threats, spamming, and other privacy attacks.

When you buy AEserver privacy protection for your domain, the only information in the whois record will be aeserver.com. If anyone tries to access your personal information, they will only get the information about AEserver. You will remain the owner of your domain. If anyone still has important concerns, then AEserver will contact you first and not expose your personal information to anyone until you desire.

Online buying, selling, and other transactions have become an important part of everyone’s lives these days. On the plus side, many people want to start their part-time online business. So whether you have been around the web for a long time or are new to hosting, you will know that when it comes to starting your website, there will be a lot of new terms that you will have to learn. Let us help you and give you a little head start on it by telling you about one of the key elements of maintaining a secure website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is one of the most important necessities for a website, especially for e-commerce websites; when a buyer wants to purchase something by online payment methods, an SSL certificate ensures them that any type of information they are submitting to the website is encrypted and they don’t have to hesitate while giving their personal information. This is how an SSL certificate plays an important role in gaining people’s trust, and it lets the users know that their privacy is also a matter of concern for the service providers. Without an SSL certificate, your services and goods won’t certainly reach the buyer as they won’t trust you in the first place.

Why Do You Need Domain Privacy Protection?

Without privacy, one might face many dangerous threats that can eventually ruin all the time and effort. Before something bad can happen, one should understand the true value of domain privacy protection.

Your data can be accessed by anyone:

A website owner has to put a lot of information out, and once they start to get customers, it is not only their information they have to care about but also their customers’. By any chance, if the information gets hacked by people with bad intentions, their customers’ information is also at risk, and the trust that they have gained from their customers over time can be lost within a second.

Your website and other online assets can get hacked:

The entire process of building a website and maintaining it takes a lot of time and effort, so keeping it secure has to be your priority because if a fraudulent gets a chance to access your site, then everything you have built will be compromised. All they would have to do is break into your domain control panel and transfer your website to their name.

Your personal data can be sold:

Another dangerous threat that your website can face is data scraping, by which another company can steal your personal and website information and sell it to third parties.

This can be a huge issue for every website owner, so it must not be taken for granted, and owners should pay more attention to their cyber security.

You will get a ton of spam emails:

It’s not that you will only get sale texts, but you can also be struck with no ending spam emails. It is extremely easy for a spammer to find the personal information of the victim.

You can’t register a domain without providing authentic information:

You must be thinking that what if you could register your domain by providing fake information.

Well, it just doesn’t work that way because the information you provide to your registrar will be verified. Providing authentic information is also necessary for growth and to win the respect of your clients.

The Bottom Line

So, what are your options?

By contacting your domain registrar or hosting provider’s customer support, you can easily find out if you have domain privacy or not. Many people in their business startups don’t even realize whether they have domain privacy or not as they are already pretty busy with domain registration. It is beneficial to check whether you have domain privacy or not. If not, then AEserver provides many options to own domain privacy, i.e.

  • Buying domain privacy while registering. It is better to buy domain privacy protection while you are registering a new domain name. This way, you will have your domain privacy from the very beginning.
  • Buy domain privacy and add it to an existing domain name. If you don’t already own domain privacy protection, you can easily buy it anytime and add it to your already existing domain name.
  • Buying domain privacy protection is very simple and doesn’t cost much either. You can save yourself from a lot of mishaps with a couple of simple steps.

So, is your domain protected? Check today!

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