Domain Registration in Qatar | How to register .QA domain (Guide)

The internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Qatar is .QA. In other words, .QA is the official domain extension for Qatar. In 2011, Qatar policies and laws enabled and made it possible for members of the general public to register with Qatar Internet domain names (.QA) through accredited registrars such as AEserver. It is an easy process that can take place online.

.QA was first introduced in 1996. It was intended to be used for all entities affiliated with Qatar. Internet Qatar is the official body that checks compliance, authorizes, and registers users wishing to use .QA as their website’s suffix. All registrations undergo this process of registration and approval through an accredited and certified registrar like AEserver.

Why register a .QA domain?

Qatar is an attractive destination for you to start or even expand your business from a financial aspect. There are many reasons for that, which include:

  • Qatar has a strong economy. Its currency is considered to be among the powerful ones around the globe. The reason for that is simple: their economy predominantly relies on the export of petroleum and natural gas.
  • Qatar has a comparatively high purchasing power, allowing locals to have an improved quality of life and lead a luxurious lifestyle. This means people living and working in Qatar can afford luxuries (including your product).
  • Qatar also has favorable government policies that provide incentives to investors. This encourages and attracts foreigners to invest their money in the country.
  • Qatar’s government has allowed tariff exemption on a wide range of products.
  • Qatar has countless opportunities that will help your business and revenue growth.
  • Qatar has a business-friendly environment which means you won’t have a tough time working or operating.

Of course, if you are thinking of starting or expanding your business in Qatar, the first thing that you should do is buy a .QA domain website for your company. Having a .QA domain extension is helpful because it will:

  • Using the country code (.QA in this case) is always an excellent way to establish your presence and reputation online.
  • Using .QA will help you look professional when you present your business and products to others.
  • It will make your website seem more authentic and personalized to Qatari customers. It proves that your website is not just another auto-generated website but a real one designed to serve the people of Qatar. This will make them feel that you are committed to doing business with them. It helps local customers to trust you and your brand.
  • Localize your website instantly by letting customers know that you are based in Qatar. It is a good way to build customer trust and loyalty, as everyone prefers shopping from and trusting local websites more than businesses operating in another country.
  • People using the internet in Qatar are automatically directed to www.google.qa. This is a Qatari version of Google. Everything that is searched here will redirect users to local websites and results first. So, using .QA will increase your local traffic because .QA websites are automatically ranked higher in Qatar.
  • Using .QA is a great way to generate local traffic and organic SEO. This reduces your advertising costs as you do not have to opt for paid ads to bring in more visitors to your page.
  • Lets you choose a premium domain at an affordable price. You can register your website using the exact words you wish to and avoid ending up with domain names that have no relevance to your business.

With all these advantages, the best thing for you to register a .QA domain ASAP and start expanding your business.

How to register a .QA domain with AEserver?

Visit the official AEserver QA domain page, and type in your preferred domain name. Then, click on the search button on the right.

.qa domain

As you type, a list of suggested domains will appear below the search field. Click on the green “Available” button to select your preferred name and domain.

Click the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner, then click “View Cart.”

domain checker

To finalize your purchase, click on the “Checkout” button at the bottom right.

aeserver review and checkout

Next, you will be asked to enter your account details and payment information to finish the domain purchase.


When you’re done, AEserver will register your domain name. Upon completing the whole process, AEserver will send you an email with the link to your domain control panel.

Registration requirements for .QA domains

– .QA: There are no requirements for this extension.

How to Get a Free Domain for .QA Extension?

To get a free domain for .QA extension, all you need to do is opt for a hosting plan that offers a free domain name registration. However, this is a decision that needs to be taken carefully. Don’t just go for any free option that you see. Opt for something valuable enough for you to actually buy the .QA.For example, you can get a free domain for one year, with the value equivalent of a .QA extension, if you sign up for AEserver’s Premium or Business shared hosting plans.


Owning and having a web hosting plan is the easy bit. Moreover, it is not the first step that you need to take. Before buying a domain and hosting your website, you must first register for a domain that truly reflects you, your business, and your brand’s overall message. This can only be done through a reliable Web Hosting site.

For all these reasons, AEserver is a good option for this because it makes the registration process smoother and easier for you. It is user-friendly and provides you with all the resources you need to kickstart your website and get it up and running.

You should know that domain extension is a powerful one .QA websites appeal more to Qatari customers than many of the generic domain extensions. If your customer base is in Qatar and your target market is people living in this country, then registering with .QA is the best option.

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