Guide to finding trending domains

Finding Domains Related to Trending Keywords: A Step-By-Step Guide

Domain names play a vital role in shaping a brand’s identity. It shows your customers that you are reliable and trustworthy. Given its importance, domain names can range from brand names to personal names or even encapsulate business-critical services. However, for optimal results, the AEserver team recommends opting for domain names infused with rich keywords.

Nevertheless, finding the right keyword for your domain might be daunting, as the wrong choice could affect your website’s SEO. Poor keyword choice in your domain name may lead search engines to flag your website as spam. In this article, we’ve highlighted valuable advice from industry experts on how to find domain names that resonate with current keyword trends, help to grow your brand, boost conversions, and ultimately drive more sales.

The Importance of Securing a Keyword-Rich Domain for Your Website

Every day, Google processes around 5.6 billion searches. These searches contain various words and phrases, playing a crucial role in shaping search engine results. To receive a considerable amount of this traffic, your website must be fully optimized for search engines.

Research suggests that Internet users are twice as likely to click on a domain name if it includes a keyword from their search query in its second level. For example, users searching for “best tacos in Dubai” are more likely to click on a URL like “” than a domain name that says random stuff.

This insight shows the importance of optimizing your business visibility for your customers — from your brand name and social media handles to your domain name. To optimally position your brand for your audience, your domain name should simplify finding your website. Additionally, a keyword-rich domain name could boost your ranking on search engines, as your username is fully optimized.

Knowing that more than a keyword-rich domain is needed to guarantee search engine success is also essential. In recent years, Google has adjusted its algorithm to minimize excessive keyword usage, favouring sites with solid branding. This move represents Google’s effort to filter out low-quality content and spotlight those delivering valuable content. Therefore, you can set your path towards SEO stardom by pairing a keyword-rich domain name with quality content tailored to your audience and a good SEO strategy.

Finding Trending Words

The first strategy to secure valuable domain names before they’re claimed is to monitor popular or trending words.

  • Social Media: The world spends more than 10 billion hours daily on social media platforms. With more than half the global population actively using social media, it is a hub of rich data that every entrepreneur should take advantage of. Through its popular posts, videos, and articles, social media platforms constantly offer creative ideas that keep users engaged and continue to capture their interest.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is a digital tool that provides insights into people’s search behaviour across various Google platforms, including Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. It offers real-time, unfiltered access to extensive data of search requests made to Google.

Google Trends

Leveraging Google Trends can grant you access to a wealth of data on potential keywords for domain names. The tool allows you to see the popularity of a keyword over time, not just its current status.

Here’s a guide to using Google Trends to discover relevant keyword ideas for domain names:

  1. Navigate to Google Trends.
  2. Enter your preferred keyword in the “Explore field” and click ‘enter’.
  3. You’ll see a graph showing the keyword’s popularity over time. You can customize the time range to view the keyword’s interest level within a specific timeframe. Moreover, you can add and compare multiple keywords.

Pro Tip:

Ensure that your keyword choice aligns with your target audience’s search intent. For instance, a domain name for an affiliate business may include keywords that imply comparison or review. In contrast, a service business should focus on specific niche keywords. Therefore, it’s crucial that your chosen keyword accurately represents the intended message.

PS: Avoid registering domains with trademark keywords while using Google Trends to avoid potential legal consequences.

Once you have a compiled list of keyword-rich domain names for your business, it’s crucial to reconsider their potential. Remember, the popularity of a trending keyword will eventually wane. Hence, starting with a keyword that effectively communicates your brand’s message over the long term is wise.

Industry Publications

Every industry has unique niche keywords. Websites, forums, and academic articles related to your domain can serve as rich sources of innovative concepts and terminology.

Finding Corresponding Domains

So, you’ve identified a few trending words and are now wondering how to find relevant domains to register. AEserver domain search simplifies the process of finding an ideal domain for your brand. By entering your chosen keyword, the tool presents a range of available domains that incorporate your keyword. This user-friendly feature of AEserver makes finding a unique and relevant domain name quick and efficient, assisting in tailoring a powerful online identity for your brand.

Evaluating Domains

Once you have a list of available domains to register, you should pause and consider which ones hold the most potential for future resale. For instance, a technology-related keyword might not be suitable with a .club top-level domain (though exceptions exist). However, the popularity of a trending keyword might continue. Thus, it’s wise to begin with a few registrations until you are confident that the word will enter the popular lexicon.

The Bottom Line

Identifying domains related to trending keywords is essential for any digital marketer to maximize their online visibility. The strategies mentioned in this article can help you uncover potentially valuable domains related to trending keywords. To find a hot new term, experiment with domain search tools, and discover exciting new domains with AEserver!

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