Six Efficient Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Reseller Business

Compared to other businesses, a reseller hosting business is easy to start. It has to only focus on ideas instead of spending time on building a server infrastructure and maintaining it. It does not require any huge investment or the need of technical expertise.

In reseller hosting service, most of the management and backend tasks, including maintenance and server management, are handled by the parent host company, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and managing customers and web hosting plans efficiently.

Though the parent web hosting company helps you manage your hosting business, it is your responsibility to market effectively to reach a wider audience.

This post discusses the importance of marketing your reseller web hosting business and how you can do it in seven efficient ways.

What Is the Importance of Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Business?

Marketing is essential to any business, regardless of size or industry. If you’re going to attract new customers, they need to know what you will offer. Marketing can help you reach your targeted audience and educate them about your products and services.

The customer journey often starts before the first purchase. Consistent marketing can help you build a relationship with your future customers. It includes publishing helpful content such as blog posts or video tutorials. Marketing also involves engaging directly with potential customers. For instance, you might answer questions they post on social media or other community forums.

Marketing your business also helps in building and maintaining your company’s reputation. You can create a great impression by constantly posting useful content and helpfully engaging with your audience. This can increase your appeal to potential customers and give you an edge over the competition.

You’ll remain at the forefront of their minds by continuously communicating with your customers, which encourages brand loyalty. You can also ensure that your customers know your latest products and services and any events you’re running, such as sales and discounts.

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Six Efficient Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Reseller Business

An effective market strategy is important for running a successful company, so let’s help you spread the word! Here are 6 ways that you can use to market your business and yourself as a hosting reseller.

Know and Research Your Audience

Before planning any marketing content and where to post it, you first need to research your audience.

As a web hosting reseller, you need to know what type of customers you’re targeting. It would help if you had a clear idea about your target audience, whether they are startups, small businesses, bloggers or large organizations. Knowing your customers’ needs will help you design a successful marketing plan.

It’s critical to learn who is following you, availing your services or what time your customers are interacting with you. It is important to devise the marketing strategies in accordance with your target audience.

Define Your Business Mission

Every web hosting company offers almost the same services, such as hosting space, domain registration, cPanel, etc. However, what sets a business apart from competitors is its speciality area.

Once you niche down your areas of focus and business goals, developing marketing strategies in that direction is easy.

Sometimes, the consumer might not have an immediate need for your offerings. However, by making a memorable first impression, you can increase their chances of revisiting your company when needed.

Identifying your business mission and deciding to focus on a specific area, i.e. providing full customer service, strong security, or creative hosting service, is of utmost importance. It is also important that all your services reflect your company branding. As a hosting reseller, it can be the tool customers use to access your services.

At AEserver, we provide extensive white label functionality. As a hosting reseller, you can use these tools to re-brand all of our AEserver products and services.

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Research Your Competitors

There is tough competition in the reseller hosting business. However, this means you will have plenty of opportunities to learn from other reseller businesses by conducting competitor research.
Competitor research is where you analyze the marketing activities of similar businesses. You can then reverse-engineer any successful strategy in your reseller business.

For example, you can research the terms that your competitors are ranking highly for, a strategy referred to as “keyword gap analysis”, If these keywords are featured in a paid ad, you can even view how much traffic is generated from that promotion. This can help you identify high-converting terms that you can use in your own advertisements.

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Boost Your SEO

SEO improves your website ranking and searches engine visibility. You can boost your site’s organic traffic by climbing the search engine rankings.

The first page of Google receives 95% of web traffic, and the top 5 organic search results get over two-thirds of all clicks. This makes SEO an effective way to get more traffic and increase sales.

According to a study, up to 80% of people ignore paid search results in favour of organic options. It means SEO can get you ahead of the competition even if your competitors have larger marketing budgets.

There are several ways to boost your search engine rankings. We have collected some of the best SEO tips in our recent article.

Run Emails Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the strategy to promote your business via email. This might include newsletters, discount codes, and sales announcements you email your customers.

Email is an excellent way to reach your target audience. Your ideal customer is probably spending a lot of time in their inbox. So, this is the place where you can market your reseller hosting business.

To make your email stand out from the crowd, it’s important to make a strong, engaging subject line for each one. Using high-resolution images and personalizing your marketing emails wherever possible is also a good idea.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

You will find customers from different business types on social media platforms interacting and consuming the available content.

Regularly updating your social media account and informing your customers about your new services, promotions, or announcements like sales on social media platforms is a good way to market your business.

In addition, your customers can also engage with your content or contact you for queries through your social media account.

Hence, social media marketing for resellers is a critical marketing tool to engage with and attract more customers.

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Final Thoughts

No matter how competitive the reseller hosting business is, you can achieve great success with an effective marketing strategy and a good plan.

Remember that if you want a quick earning, maybe this is not for you. For a reseller business to be profitable, it requires time and effort.

If you want to start your own hosting business and sell custom hosting services to your clients, check out AEserver. We offer reliable reseller hosting plans with features that can help you manage your business easily and at an affordable rate. You can create your own account through AEserver registration.

And, don’t forget to implement the marketing strategies discussed in this article to build a successful web hosting business.

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