Why Registering Multiple Domain Names Is Good for Business?

You already know that choosing a domain is very important to your business. When purchasing a domain, many questions are running through your mind, including whether your business needs multiple domains.

In most cases, buying more than one domain is an intelligent decision for branding, marketing, SEO, etc. However, there are several factors you should consider before purchasing multiple domains.

You will want to know how multiple domains benefit you, the types of additional domains you can buy, ways to take advantage of multiple domains, and some pitfalls you might face.

So, let’s get going!

Reasons for Buying More Than One Domain

There are plenty of reasons to register multiple domains mainly focused on future growth, allowing more access points to your online presence, and enhancing your online identity.

User Error

Buying multiple domains will protect against user error. It’s a common practice of SEO to add keywords with misspellings. So why not do the same with the domain? People can sometimes misunderstand the domain or make mistakes when typing it. This will help potential customers to find your business.

It would be best to consider buying misspellings so that the customers who misspell your business name will direct to the right destination instead of landing on an error page or, worse, competitors’ business.

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Brand Poaching

To keep the competition from poaching your business is another reason to buy multiple domains. Brand poaching is a severe problem. A competitor with a similar domain may unintentionally create confusion. Securing similar domain names helps protect your brand.

Trademark Protection

It would be best if you bought the domain of your trademark because holding a trademark does not automatically give you a domain name, nor does it stop others from purchasing domain names that include your trademark.

Types of Additional Domains To Buy

If you own a single domain, you might be wondering what additional domains you can buy. Following are the types of additional domains you can consider.

Alternate Spellings

It’s essential to buy alternative spellings of your domain to protect against brand confusion and user error. If you are a large company or have more budget, plan to capture as many domains as possible.

Determine alternative spellings of your domain and check if you can buy these versions. Allowing alternative or misspellings of your domain will redirect the traffic to your primary domain, which is an excellent practice of preventing the loss of potential clients and web traffic.

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Multiple Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

If possible, you should consider other common domain extensions besides your core domain. There are over 1000 domain extensions available; you don’t need to buy all of them but purchase at least the common ones. If your main website is .com, think about buying .co, .net, .org, and, most crucial, ccTLD of a specific country. For instance, if your target audience base is in UAE, then you should buy the .ae domain.

The possibilities don’t stop there; for many businesses, the new alternative TLDs serve as an effective way to own a domain that closely fits your company name. For example, suppose you’re running a pizzeria, and your primary domain is .com. In that case, you can consider a new TLD .pizza to make it memorable, and it will also generate authority within the food space.

Strategic Reasons To Own Multiple Domains

Having multiple domains is not just about catching traffic or protecting your brand, but it can serve other purposes too.

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Marketing and Advertising Campaign

If you already have a primary business domain and want to run an ad or marketing campaign, you’ll need to track customer behavior to evaluate success. Because Having a different domain for your landing page will let you track your performance while keeping your content separate.

Using domains for advertising campaigns such as google ads or Facebook ads is an effective way to know where the traffic originated and how you acquired a customer. Mainly, it’s helpful when advertising a domain through non-online channels such as a magazine or radio ad.

Sales and Landing Pages

If you want traffic to a specific page or section of your website, an effective strategy is to use a domain with an easy-to-remember URL address to point a particular section to your website.

For example: instead of a URL that says go to “ABCshop.com/sale/category/…,” you can use a domain “ABCshop.sale” to drive traffic to your promotions.

You can use AEserver’s domain parking plan, a temporary solution for your domain, and a lite version of the web hosting plan often used for landing pages.


For search engine optimization purposes, a website with multiple domains is much easier to find on search engines. Make sure your additional domain names are redirected to your primary domain homepage with a 301 redirect. You can redirect the traffic from one page to another by using 301 redirects. It will stop your pages from competing against each other and improve your site’s significance to rank better in search engine result pages.

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Common Pitfalls

Along with the benefits of having multiple domains, you may also face some challenges. Before you go on a domain shopping spree, you may want to consider the following pitfalls.

Administrative Complexity

To keep multiple domains organized is an administrative headache for many companies. Remember that it’s crucial to buy a domain under a company’s name, not an employee; otherwise, you will be at the risk of losing ownership and access to that domain if the employee leaves the company.

At the least, you should take some steps to centralize the management of all your domains so there will be a list of the domains you own with renewal dates, logins, and other important information.

A good practice is to buy all the domains with the same registrar. It will make renewal easy and keep your invoices in one place.

SEO Concerns

When you have multiple domains connected to a related website, you need to avoid having the same content on these sites, which could hurt your search engine ranking.

Duplicate content often leads to traffic loss because search engines don’t know what content to index or reject. To avoid this issue, always make sure your content on each website is unique.

Potential Confusion

If you are using multiple domains, your customers might get confused about which of your domain names they should go for. Think before how you will use multiple domains because you may not want to make things more complicated for your customers.

This confusion can be solved with URL forwarding which helps drive all the traffic to your primary domain. It is easy to forward multiple domains to your primary domain with most registrars. If you register your domain with AEserver, you don’t need to pay extra for URL forwarding or pay for any UAE hosting plan.

Final words

Buying various domain names will inevitably boost your brand presence and prevent cybercriminals from hijacking your company. It helps more customers find your brand and enables you to sell to a broader market.

With so many new TLDs available today, it’s worth looking at the opportunity they create. To register other extensions or discover a wide range of new TLDs, check out AEserver’s domain registration page.

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