Website Builder vs. Coding Yourself: Which One is Better?

Starting your business means you will need multitasking skills. Suddenly it would help if you become capable of handling everything.

One vital thing you need to do is to learn how to build a website, as it will be the foundation of your business. For this, you will have two options: hand coding and website builders. This article will assist you in deciding which option is ideal for you.

Remember that the easiest and cheapest options are not always the best in the end. Let’s take a closer look at website builders vs coding yourself. We will compare both terms and uncover the ideal choice for you. Let’s begin!

What’s the Difference Between Website Builders vs Coding?

The main difference between a website builder and coding yourself from scratch is the load of work that goes into creating the website.

A website builder comes with a drag-and-drop feature that is relatively simple to use and allows you to assemble your web elements quickly with no coding knowledge.

Website builders are perfect for users with little or no involvement in coding. They are likewise a good option for users working with restricted financial plans.

While coding a website, you will need to start with a blank canvas. Even if you have pre-designed themes, you will need to tweak them to work for your website.

Coding a website from scratch will give you unlimited authority over the result. This is particularly valuable if you have a creative vision for a website different from the rest of the market.

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Advantages of Website Builders

There are many advantages of using a website builder; here are some of them:


It’s less expensive than building a website with a professional web developer. You need to choose a plan and pay a subscription fee, which is usually very affordable.

Easy to use:

Building a website with a builder is intuitive. You will have a variety of templates to choose from, and you can easily personalize any element you want.

Tech support:

With most website builders, you get helpful technical support. They will help you when you encounter any unexpected issues.

Time: Creating a website with it is a swift process. A website builder is the best choice when you need to create a website in a short time.

Disadvantages of Website Builders

Besides all those perks, there are also disadvantages attached to them. These are:

Poor SEO:

You cannot optimize your website for search engines with a website builder. Most builders don’t have SEO tools; if they have, they need to improve. And because you can’t edit the code, you can’t add essential SEO tags. This will lead your website to a poor Search engine ranking; hence, your customers won’t find you easily.

Slow loading time:

Again, no coding means no optimization, even if your website is slow. Your visitors and potential customers will not wait forever for a page to load.

No site migration:

You will not be able to export your website to another platform because it is hosted on your web builder server. You need to stick to the platform or lose your website. If you plan to expand your website and need to switch, you will have to recreate your website.

You are not the owner:

The company you created the website on is the actual owner. Your website will not work outside that server.

Design limitations:

You can’t create a unique website because web builders have standard layouts, like other websites on these platforms. You can’t add personalized features, so you may start to suffer from the lack of customization.

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Advantages of Coding Your Website

Just like website builders, hand coding has its advantages too. Some of the most significant benefits include the following:

Complete ownership:

Since you need to buy a domain name and hosting, your website is entirely and totally yours. If you want to change the service provider, you can take your website with you.

Endless possibilities:

When you code your website, you can customize any element you want, and the possibilities are endless. You can make a website tailored to your unique needs.


You can build as many functions as possible and integrate them with the most powerful sales and marketing tools available on the internet.

Good SEO:

With the help of coding, you can get a good search engine ranking by optimizing all the necessary functionalities for your success.

Disadvantages of Coding Your Website

There are some disadvantages to coding a website, especially if you are not a professional web developer. These are:

More time and resources:

When you need to gain website development skills, you will probably need to learn the skill and get help from a professional.


If you don’t want to learn the skill to waste time, the next option is to hire a developer. It will add more costs that can be a deterrent for small business owners with limited budgets.


Compared to website builders, coding takes a much longer time. You can expect your site to be ready in weeks or months.

Harder to update:

If you didn’t write the code or help writing it, it could present a problem when you need changes in your site.

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Which Method Is Best for You?

After watching the battle of website builder vs coding, the best avenue for you depends on your situation. Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages that could push anyone into either decision. But there are several points you need to consider before deciding the best method for you.

  • Think about your business needs and determine what functions you will need.
  • Think about your urgent needs and highest priorities. Do you want aesthetics or functionality? How often do you want to add content?
  • Note how much time you have.
  • Decide how much you value personalization.
  • Consider your budget.

Everything depends on your budget, scope and the stage of your business development. Consider all the differences between a Website builder and coding and choose what is best for you.

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When deciding on your business, only you know what’s the right move. So explore the Website builders vs coding we have mentioned here and decide which is the best option for you.

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