5 Reasons Why Non-UAE Businesses Should Consider a .AE Domain Extension

The UAE is a hub for new businesses, particularly the cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With its strategic location between East and West, the UAE offers an ideal environment for thriving businesses. While the most well-known businesses are real estate and consultancy, eCommerce, technology, financial services, and other sectors are also seeing significant growth.

The main draw of the UAE for Non-UAE retailers is the free trade zones. Typically, to start a business in the UAE, you need a local partner who owns 51% of the business. However, in the free trade zones, foreign businesses can have 100% ownership, providing full control and peace of mind to foreign investors. Not just that, businesses in these zones often enjoy 0% tax rates on import, export, and corporate income which makes the UAE a very popular place to start a business.

But how should you start a business in the UAE if you are not an Emirati? Here the .ae domain helps you through this.

Suppose you want to target a specific geographical market like the UAE. In that case, it can be beneficial to use a country-specific domain such as .ae which helps signal to both users and search engines that your site is relevant to that country. In this article, we will show five reasons you should consider the .ae domain if you are a non-UAE business.

Five Reasons Why Non-UAE Businesses Should Consider a .AE Domain

Here are a few reasons why the .ae domain can be beneficial for businesses looking to establish or strengthen their presence in the UAE, even if you don’t physically live there:

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Boosts Local SEO

Using a .ae domain instantly signals to search engines like Google that your website is intended for audiences in the UAE, making it easier for local customers to find and trust your website.

Search engines like Google often prefer local domains when presenting results to users. Therefore, having a .ae domain can help your website rank higher in searches coming from the UAE which can be particularly beneficial if your target audience is primarily in the UAE or the surrounding area.

If your domain name includes keywords regularly searched for by your UAE-based target audience, it will enhance your local SEO. It can also help with gaining more local links. Links from other UAE-based websites (seen as relevant and high-quality in local SEO) could be easier to acquire with a .ae domain.

Alongside having a .ae domain, it’s also beneficial to list your business in local UAE directories, use local language content, and provide local contact information to strengthen your local SEO further.

Availability of Domain Names

While the .com and .net domain extensions are often saturated, making it challenging to find a desired domain name that aligns with your business and branding, choosing a .ae domain can give you a significant advantage of availability.

By opting for a .ae domain, you can explore a wider range of options and increase your chances of securing a domain name that perfectly matches your business and branding strategy. Since the .ae extension is specific to the United Arab Emirates, it tends to have more availability than globally popular extensions like .com or .net.

This availability provides Non-UAE businesses with the opportunity to choose a domain name that is concise, memorable, and contributes to better brand recognition and user engagement.

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Credibility and Trust

Establishing credibility and trust is crucial for building long-term customer relationships and fostering loyalty. A .ae domain can play a vital role in achieving these goals.

A .ae domain shows that your business is officially recognized and committed to operating within the UAE. It can significantly enhance credibility and trust among customers in the region. Customers who see a website with a .ae domain are more likely to perceive the business as local, legitimate, and invested in serving their needs. It often leads to improved customer retention and engagement, as customers feel more confident and comfortable doing business with a company with a strong local presence.

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Local Presence

A .ae domain signifies that your business has a local presence in the UAE that can be highly appealing to customers who prefer working with local companies or those that have a physical presence in the region.

Using a .ae domain, you communicate to potential customers that you are invested in the UAE market and understand its unique needs and preferences. It can help build trust, as customers often feel more comfortable dealing with businesses that are physically accessible and readily available for support or inquiries.

Additionally, having a local presence can facilitate smoother communication, faster response times, and easier logistics, which can further enhance the customer experience and be a powerful tool for attracting customers who prioritize local businesses and establishing a strong foothold in the UAE market.

Access to a Growing Market

The UAE presents a lucrative and rapidly growing market for businesses across various industries worldwide. Utilizing a .ae domain can position your business to be more accessible and appealing to this expanding market.

The UAE strongly focuses on digital transformation and has witnessed significant growth in internet usage and e-commerce adoption. With the .ae domain, you demonstrate your commitment to serving the local market and aligning with the preferences and needs of UAE consumers, which can help you capture the attention of the growing number of digitally savvy customers in the country who are actively seeking products and services online.

Moreover, having a .ae domain can help you navigate any legal or regulatory requirements specific to the UAE market, further facilitating your entry and operations in the country. By tapping into the UAE’s thriving economy and increasing digitization through a .ae domain, you can position your business for growth and success in this promising market.

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The Bottom Line

In summary, the .ae domain offers several compelling reasons for non-UAE businesses to consider its adoption:

  • It establishes a local presence and demonstrates a commitment to serving the UAE market.
  • It enhances brand perception among UAE customers and improves credibility.
  • It increases visibility in local search results, improving chances of attracting UAE users.
  • It helps protect your brand and intellectual property within the UAE.
  • It opens doors to opportunities in the rapidly growing UAE market.

Registering a .ae domain is crucial for non-UAE businesses ready to enter the UAE market. The good news is that .ae domains are generally affordable and offer a cost-effective way to establish a local online presence. By taking prompt action to secure a .ae domain, you can expedite your growth in the UAE market and maximize your business potential.

So don’t waste time contemplating—register a .ae domain with AEserver, target UAE customers, and unlock growth opportunities.

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