Understanding the Renewal and Expiry Process for .AE Domains

Your domain name is your asset, and you need to protect it no matter what. The most crucial thing to protect your domain is knowing about the terms and conditions of your domain name registration and understanding the renewal procedures, especially if the domain has expired. As the policies may vary between domain registrars, registrants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their respective registrar’s policies.

The process of each domain differs based on a variety of factors, including the domain extension, the managing registry, the registrar, and the length of time since expiration. Most extensions, such as traditional TLDs like .com, .org, and .net, follow the same process. But in this article, we will cover the renewal and expiry process of the .ae domain, which is the most popular ccTLD among Gulf countries and is a good case to discuss.

First, Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Domain registrars typically rely on your contact information to update and alert you about anything related to your domain, including renewal and expiry. Updating your contact information will ensure you receive renewal notices and other important communications regarding your domain.

Here are the reasons for maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact information:

Renewal notices:

Domain registrars use the contact information they have on file to send renewal notices. If your contact information is not updated, you may miss important renewal notifications and risk losing your domain.


Sometimes, domain registrars need to contact you regarding administrative matters, account updates, or policy changes. Correct contact information ensures that you receive these communications promptly and can address any necessary actions immediately.

Verification and authorization:

Certain domain-related tasks may require you to verify your identity or provide authorization. Accurate contact information enables the registrar to reach out to you for such purposes and helps maintain the security of your domain.

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Renewal Process for .AE Domains

Domain renewal periods can vary depending on the registrars. Some registrars may offer annual renewals, while others may provide options for longer periods, such as three to ten years. AEserver provides you with full registration for five years for .ae domains. When you register your domain with AEserver, your domain will be set to automatic renewal by default, but in case you have turned off this option or are unable to process the service renewal, here is the general procedure for renewing .ae domains:


Domain registrars typically send their customers a renewal notice a few weeks or a month before your .ae domain name is due to expire. These notices serve as reminders and contain instructions for the renewal process.

When you receive a renewal notice for your .ae domain, it is important to review the information carefully and take appropriate action within the specified timeframe to protect your domain from expiring. The notice typically includes the expiry date, renewal process instructions, renewal fees, and contact information.

If you have any concerns regarding the renewal process, the notice provides contact details for contacting our support. You can freely reach out to them for assistance if needed.


After receiving the renewal notice for your .ae domain, the next step is to pay for the renewal. The payment process involves logging in to your AEserver’s account and locating the .ae domain name you wish to renew from your domain list. Follow the prompts provided by the registrar’s website to complete the payment process.

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Once the payment is successfully processed, you should receive a confirmation message or receipt indicating that your .ae domain has been renewed. The confirmation will also include the new expiration date for your domain. Also, make sure to save this confirmation for your records. By doing so, you can maintain a comprehensive record of your domain management activities and ensure that you have the documentation for future reference or requirements.

Expiry Process for .AE Domains

Here is the general process which AEserver and most domain registrars follow:

Domain Expiry

When a .ae domain reaches its expiry date and is not renewed, it usually enters a grace period. This period allows the domain owner to renew the domain without additional fees.

Grace Period

You can renew the domain at the regular price during the grace period. Still, the website on that domain will be taken offline until the domain is renewed. This grace period could be anywhere from a few days to a month. However, with AEserver, you are given 29 days grace period for the .ae domain from its expiration date to process the renewal.

Redemption Period

If you do not renew the domain during the grace period, it may enter a Redemption period. You can still reclaim the domain during this time, but it involves a higher fee than regular renewals.


Suppose the domain is not renewed or redeemed during the Redemption Grace Period. In that case, it will eventually be deleted and become available for anyone to register on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Additional Steps to Protect Your .AE Domain From Expiring

In addition to understanding the renewal and expiry for .ae domains, it’s also important to maintain updated contact information, as mentioned before.

To further protect your domain name, you can take the following steps:

Set Auto-Renewal:

Fortunately, AEserver offers this service by default. Auto-renewal can ensure your domain doesn’t accidentally lapse due to a missed renewal notice.

Domain Locking:

Enable domain lock with your registrar to prevent unauthorized transfers (or hijacking) of your domain.

Two-Factor Authentication:

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized changes to your domain settings.

Regular Monitoring:

Regularly check your domain status and settings to ensure everything is fine.

WHOIS Privacy:

Utilize WHOIS Privacy services if they’re available. They replace your personal contact information in the public WHOIS Directory with the contact information of your registrar.

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As with many domain names, the expiry process for .ae domains typically follows a sequence of stages from initial expiry through a grace period, redemption period, a ‘pending delete’ status, and finally becoming available again for registration. However, the specific details, such as the duration of these stages and associated fees, can vary between domain registrars.

.ae domain owners must be aware of the expiry date of their domains and renew them promptly to avoid service disruption or potentially losing control of the domain. If you need clarification on the exact expiry process for your .ae domain, we are here to help. AEserver provides professional assistance in understanding renewals and the expiry of your .ae domain name.

Let’s start today and transform your business with AEserver UAE-based hosting and domain registration service.

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