Domain registration in Bahrain | How to register .BH Domain – Guide

AEserver is proud to announce that it has acquired the domain accreditation in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are now providing our customers with a .BH domain name along with the IDN (.bahrain) to represent their business presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

BH is Bahrain’s official extension or internet country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). It was first introduced in 1994 and was only intended for the people connected with this territory. It is administered by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). CentralNix is the authorized body to carry out its Registry. All registrations can be approved through an accredited and certified registrar like AEserver.

.BH Domain Launch Timeline

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Trademark holders can secure their matching domains and protect their marks before the TLD opens to the general public.


Existing .bh, .com.bh, .net.bh, etc. domain holders will have the opportunity to claim their matching names in .albahrain). Existing registrants may submit an application for a .albahrain) and will be required to provide their corresponding .bh domain (or .com.bh, .net.bh, etc.) in the verification portal.

Local General Availability:

First-come, first-served registrations – only open to registrants located in Bahrain. Proof of residency, ID copy, business license copy is required.

International General Availability (GA):

.bh and .albahrain can be registered on a first-come, first-served basis by anyone globally, without any restrictions.

.biz.bh, .edu.bh, .med.bh, .org.bh, and .cc.bh can be registered by registrants in Bahrain only. Individual eligibility restrictions will apply.

Some of the facts of .BH domain

Domain length: 1 – 63 (1-3 characters are flagged as premium – 5 price slabs exist).
Minimum/maximum term: 1 – 5
Domain lifecycle: standard domain lifecycle
IDNs supported: Arabic (in addition to Latin language table)
Registry lock: enabled (for a fee)
SLDs supported – (note that these are not going through sunrise/LRP)
Category one: .com.bh, .net.bh, .org.bh, .edu.bh
Category two: .cc,bh, .info.bh, .biz.bh
Category three: .me.bh, .name.bh

Why register a .BH domain

According to the world bank, the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered a competitive and fast-growing economy. The currency of Bahrain, the Bahraini dinar, is the second most powerful money globally in terms of value.

So, you have all the best reasons to invest in Bahrain. But before, we will recommend you to register a .BH domain website for your company. A .BH domain clearly shows that you’re from Bahrain or offer services to Bahraini people. It would be beneficial for your company in different ways, including:

  • .BH domain names are very popular within Bahrain. It will let your audience know, Bahrain is where you’re from and where you’re at. Government agencies, educational institutes, and different local organizations use this domain suffix.
  • If your website has a .bh extension, it differentiates your brand with generic addresses and gains better trust from consumers.
  • If you’re running a business within Bahrain, it’s necessary to follow the norms because using a ccTLD for your website is how it should be done. In Bahrain, companies use .BH to represent their business online.
  • A .BH domain connects local business with the global community.
  • A .BH domain is a badge of national pride.
  • It helps to reinforce your company’s connection with Bahrain. Visitors will know that your website is focused on serving local markets.
  • Using the .BH domain helps establish credibility and professionalism and strengthens your online presence to become successful in Bahrain territory.
  • A .BH domain helps you boost the local traffic. It is ideal when your target audience is Bahraini users. Google understands that your website is focused on Bahraini users.
  • Impress your customer with legitimacy and commitment when you’re using .BH extension, your visitors will know that your company is legit since it was compliant with the domain registration process.

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How to Register a .BH domain with AEserver

If you want to register a .BH domain for your website, follow the guide below:

Goto AEserver Bahrain domain page and search for the desired domain name.

register bh domain

After searching, you’ll get to know the availability of your domain and a list of similar suggested domains.

register bh domains

Click on the “Add to cart” button to select your preferred domain.

register domains

Now click on the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner, then click “View cart.”

register domain

To purchase the domain, click on the checkout button at the bottom right of the page.


Then you’ll have to enter your account details and payment information to finish the process.


After completing the process, AEserver will register your domain name and send you an email with the link to your domain control panel.

Registration requirements for .BH domain

To register a .BH domain following are the requirements:

  • To register a .BH domain, the domain owner must be a company (from any country) with a local contact in Bahrain.
  • .BH domain and IDN .albahrain are open to the public for registration.
  • There will be an approval process for the domain, and the applied domain name will be active only upon approval.
  • TRA will be responsible for approving/rejecting the domain name application within three working days.
  • Local presence requirements are applicable for registrants of SLDs only (not .BH).

Please see the ministerial resolution for domain name used in the Kingdom of Bahrain for further information on the terms of approval/rejection. Additional information regarding the rules can be found here.

Following are the subdomains that come under .BH domain with different eligibility criteria according to the regulations.

  • com.bh – Businesses (global)
  • net.bh – Telecommunications and information technology service providers registered in Bahrain
  • Info.bh – Information provision services in Bahrain
  • Edu.bh – Educational institutes operating in Bahrain
  • biz.bh – Businesses registered in Bahrain
  • Org.bh – Organizations licensed in Bahrain
  • cc.bh – Businesses registered in Bahrain
  • med.bh – Institutes working in health sector operating in Bahrain
  • name.bh, me.bh – Natural persons (citizens or residents) in Bahrain

SLDs WILL NOT be going through the launch phases (as they are not changing restrictions) and are configured to function normally in the system from Nov 3rd and with the standard phase extension in the EPP. Registrars are required to provide documentation to meet the eligibility requirements.

The documentation required to meet the eligibility requirements can be found in the ‘Rules of Domain Names of the Kingdom of Bahrain.’ After registration, TRA reserves the right to reject any domain name that provides false information or does not have a registrant residing in Bahrain or a company with an office address in Bahrain.

.BH Domain Launch Fundamentals

In this section, we have described the core elements of .BH domain launch.

IDN Arabic Bahrain Grandfathering:

In conjunction with the .BH general launch, the corresponding IDN variant in Arabic will be launching and subject to a six-month grandfathering phase. The IDN domain will be entirely in Arabic and not be a mixture of Arabic/Latin characters.

The Grandfathering Process Will Work As Follows:

When purchasing a .bh, or if an existing .bh domain holder, domain registrants have the right to purchase the exclusively. IDN variant for a period of six months. AEserver is responsible for submitting an application for the requested IDN and must provide the corresponding .bh in the verification portal. The requested domain will remain in a pending create status until it is verified for eligibility and accuracy of Arabic translation.

The reserved unregistered domains will be released for standard registration at the end of the designated grandfathering period. Domain holders of SLDs like .com.bh or .org.bh are also eligible and need to provide the corresponding domain during the IDN application process.

Launch Schedule

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.BH Sunrise: End date allocation (60 days)

The Sunrise phase is a registration period lasting sixty days and in which trademark holders have the opportunity to apply for a .BH domain. In order to be eligible for a Sunrise application, registrants are required to provide a valid trademark that matches the domain name. Please be aware that all Sunrise applications will be verified by TRA and set live at the end of the 60 day Sunrise period.

Sunrise and Grandfathering phases (applicable to IDN variant ) will overlap in time.

  • Start date: Nov 3rd 2021 09:00 UTC
  • End date: Jan 2nd 2022 08:59 UTC
  • Fees: Check with your account manager.

IDN Grandfathering: ongoing allocation after verification (6 months)

All existing legacy .bh and subdomain domain names currently allocated will be offered the opportunity as pre-qualified customers to have their matching names in the Arabic language.

This registration model is known as “grandfathering,” Its objective is primarily to provide legacy customers with a priority registration period where they have exclusive access to their matching names in the Arabic IDN version. During the grandfathering phase .bh domain holders may submit an application for their matching IDN. The requested domain will remain in a pending create status until it is verified for eligibility and accuracy of Arabic translation.

The application window will be open for a period of six months which may coincide with the Sunrise phase or be ongoing as announced by the Bahrain Registry. After the Grandfathering phase, any names which have not been claimed shall be released for general availability unless reserved by the TRA at its sole discretion.

  • Start date: Nov 3rd 2021 09:00 UTC
  • End date: May 3rd 2022 08:59 UTC
  • Fees: Check with account manager.

.BH Local Registration Period: First-come, first-served (4 months)

The Local Bahrain Priority General Availability Phase commences after sunrise/grandfathering. It shall have a duration of four months with the allocation of qualified names on a first-come, first-serve basis strictly provided the registrant applicant (whether a business, entity, individual, organization) is located or resides in Bahrain. This is to prioritize Kingdom of Bahrain residents and local businesses and organizations over any international registration.

AEserver is responsible for verifying and ensuring that only Bahrain entities, organizations, and residents apply for and register names during this period. Documentation may be requested for proof of residency or qualification to participate during this phase, but it is not mandatory. Information requested will not be submitted to the Registry unless specifically requested to comply with spot checks or investigate complaints.

The Bahrain Registry reserves the right to reject any domain name that provides false information or does not have a registrant residing in Bahrain or a company with an office address in Bahrain after registration.

  • Start date: 2nd January 2022 09:00 UTC
  • End date: 3rd May 2022 08:59 UTC

General Availability: Real-time registration

Eligibility: top-level .bh and the IDN .albahrain are open to the public for registration.

  • SLDs have eligibility requirements (see eligibility criteria above)
  • Privacy/proxy services are not permitted.
  • Start date: May 3rd, 2022 09:00 UTC

Domain Name Life Cycle

A domain name can be registered from 1 to 5 years. The life cycle for a domain reflects various stages during registration and its expiration. The initial creation of the domain name will transition through various events and have a different status on each part of this lifecycle. The Bahrain Registry domain names follow the standard gTLD lifecycle, which is illustrated below:

The Bottom Line

After registering a domain, it’s definite that you’ll need web hosting to show your online presence. If you sign up for AEserver’s Premium or Business Shared hosting plans. You can get a free domain for one year, with a .BH extension value equivalent.

In the end, you know how important a CCTLD is for your business if you want to target an audience of a specific location and how important it is for SEO. As in this post, we are talking about .BH domains and the value of doing business in Bahrain, your investment will never go to waste if you opt for .BH domains. It can give your company a professional image, demonstrating your commitment to local customers. By targeting the local Bahraini market, you can maximize your company’s revenues.

Furthermore, AEserver brings you a flexible platform to register your domain easily following a short process. Register your domains with AEserver and keep everything controlled in one simple and easy-to-manage account.

Suppose you have any queries regarding .BH domains, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team to clarify how to register .BH domains.

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