Benefits of Owning Code Top Level Domains (CcTLD)

The internet is huge, and it can be hard for local websites to reach their target audience.

If your website contains content targeted toward users in a specific country or region, choosing a country-code top-level domain is a great way to geo-target your website and improve search engine optimization in a specific region. CcTLDs show users and search engines where your website is from and to whom it is targeted.

Although ccTLDs are overshadowed by gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, etc.), they are always available to provide more targeted and local extensions for your domain name.

So, are you ready to create a buzz with country-specific TLD?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and how you can help out search engines and optimize your site traffic with ccTLDs.

What are ccTLDs?

An extension follows all the domain names. Let’s look at an example WordPress.com; the “.com” part is an extension. This is called the top-level domain (TLD). More than 50% of the websites on the world wide web use the “.com” extension for their domain. But being popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Website owners who want to separate themselves from the herd can use ccTLDs. ccTLDs are special domain names that use a country code unique to a country. Extensions such as .ae, .bh, and .qa are part of specific country names, and accordingly, they relate to UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar. So, instead of being stuck with a generic domain, you can use the .ae domain if you are based in the UAE.

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Benefits of ccTLDs Over Generic Ones

There are numerous advantages of choosing a ccTLD over a generic domain name. If you’re looking for advice on the best coffee shop in UAE, which website would you trust more: the one with the “.com” domain name or the one with the “.ae” domain name? Naturally, Emirati readers will trust the website with the “.ae” domain. So if you are targeting a local market, consider picking a ccTLD to coordinate your marketing efforts.

Not just users but the search engines think like that too. Adding a ccTLD to your website tells the world that your content is geared towards users in your area.

Thanks to its local nature, ccTLD boasts many local market advantages over global domain extensions that, as follows:

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Improve Local SEO

The fact that search engines like Google always serve content that is relevant to users and help drive more traffic. Isn’t that every website owner wants? The act of adding a ccTLD to your domain will make your site more visible to search engines. Also, it is the easiest way to show that your content is targeted toward a specific country or region.

Google knows where you are. Sounds creepy!. If you try to search for something from the UAE, Google gives you the results based in the UAE. Websites with .ae in their domain tell Google they are from the UAE and likely contain UAE-specific information.

Google recognizes a ccTLD as a clear sign of what country a website is targeting. With that said, you can work towards a stronger SEO strategy with ccTLD without keeping up with Google’s ever-changing rules.

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Offer Local Targeting

Using a ccTLD brings loyalty to the local market. Living in that specific country is not necessary to register a ccTLD. However, websites using ccTLD are approached with more reliance and trust by local markets. If you are running an international business and operating in a different country, you can easily target that country’s local market by adding the corresponding ccTLD.

For example, by using .ae ccTLD, you can target customers from UAE without physically being there.

As already mentioned, ccTLD allows you to target specific world areas. So to ensure you’re showing up in the search results of those targeted areas, you may want to consider choosing a ccTLD.

Inspire Loyalty and Trust Among Your Visitors

Customers may feel safer using and making purchases from the site with their country domain name. They might feel over patriotic and visit the sites that have their local name and are in their native language. This is more convenient for the customers and beneficial for websites having ccTLDs. This way, customers can see that you share the same culture, language, and time zone.

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Domain Name Hacks Using ccTLDs

ccTLD opens doors for marketing if used smartly and creatively. But how come you achieve this?

You can build a strong brand around your domain name by using a clever trick called domain hack. This is when you form a word by using a domain name and ccTLD together. For example, “subscri.be” uses the Belgium ccTLD, “mov.ie” uses the Ireland ccTLD and press.in uses the Indian ccTLD. It can be a phrase or call to action like “save.us” or “check.in”. There are no limits to the combinations you can make. Keep in mind that AEserver offers all of the ccTLDs, making it easy for you to come up with your very own creative domain hack.

Registry Operator Campaigns to Promote ccTLDs

Almost every country or region has its ccTLD assigned to the domain names system (DNS). This means plenty of registries are taking care of ccTLD management. Each of these companies has its own strategies and tactics to bring ccTLDs to the public’s attention and raise awareness about their local market benefits over the generic TLDs. Some companies stand out from the crowd due to their creativity and enthusiasm for publicizing ccTLDs.

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Alternative Domain Names

It would be best if you decided on your primary domain first. Registering both “.co.ae” and “.ae” domain names for your company might be a good idea. You can forward one domain to the other by using 301 redirects.

To protect your brand name, you may also want to register other domains such as .com. If you want to expand your business or offer your products and services in UAE or other countries, choosing a .com domain for your main website is a good idea. You can still use the ccTLDs for different countries.

Remember, owning the domain name now is easier than acquiring it later. Whatever the way you go, choose one domain name, stick with it, and redirect others to your primary domain name.

Is ccTLD the Right Choice for You?

While ccTLD is beneficial in many ways, it’s not right for every website. ccTLDs work best for websites that want to attract users from a specific region or establish themselves as experts in a specific country. But the websites contain generic content for international audiences should stick with general domain names like “.com,” “.org,” or “.net”

Note that ccTLDs are not related to language. If you are in the UAE but manage a website in German, using “.de” won’t help drive traffic to your website. ccTLDs are used to specify countries, not languages.

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Get a ccTLD today!

Suppose your domain name is available; congratulations! Now you can create a beautiful website to attract users in your country.

Build your website, choose AEserver UAE-based hosting plans, and you will receive a free domain registration. If you want to drive traffic to your website, ccTLDs are the best way to prove to search engines and users that your content is catered toward a specific country.

So, are you ready to register a ccTLD for your business? AEserver offers a wide variety of country-code top-level domains. Get one today!

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