5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Shared Hosting

It is no surprise that shared hosting is constantly under attack for different reasons. But most of these reasons are false. You may find yourself on Facebook groups or forums like Quora and Reddit asking for hosting advice, and you will be greeted with some common myths about shared hosting.

There are many misleading discussions available on the internet about shared hosting. Your post or comment may start with some good intentions of asking for some advice. However, it will quickly flood with various negative remarks on shared hosting, i.e., it is bad, slow, you should get a VPS, etc., a lot of these pieces of advice are not in your interest, and you should avoid it. Hence it is significant for you to make a smart choice by getting in-depth insight into what you’re buying.

Today, we will debunk the most common myths about shared hosting through this post.

Misconception About Shared Hosting

For many businesses, shared hosting is enough. Still, many business owners skip the option of shared hosting and go for an expensive option because they believe the false statements on the internet. Of Course, you can choose expensive hosting, but for valid reasons, not because of false statements spread around the internet.

In this section, we will cover five common myths about shared hosting. After reading this, you can choose the right option for your business needs.

Free Hosting and Shared Hosting Are the Same

Most startups and small businesses look for free hosting for the first time as it looks very tempting. But the options of free web hosting are very confusing. You may have heard that every free web hosting is shared hosting, but that doesn’t mean every shared hosting is free, nor does it mean that every shared hosting is slow.

Nothing is free in this world. Everything usually has a hidden cost. In the case of free web hosting, the provider monetizes its services in the form of irrelevant ads on your website that you and your customers definitely don’t like, and you won’t even profit from them.

Free web hosting also provides poor performance, i.e., it lacks uptime and slow loading speed, and the customer support it comes with isn’t particularly good. But shared hosting performance being poor is often a false assumption usually by those who have issues in the past or have something to gain by pointing you in another direction.

As long as a web hosting company properly manages shared hosting infrastructure, you will not face any performance issues. However, you may want to ensure your website is properly optimized and running at its best.

If you don’t know how bad a free web host can be, we have a complete article on 10 Reasons Why Choosing a Free Web Hosting is Bad For You.

10 Reasons Why Choosing a Free Web Hosting is Bad For You

Shared Hosting Is Not Secure

Another myth about shared hosting is that it’s not secure as other hosting technologies. This assumption is generally wrong and, in some cases, can be dangerous advice.

Shared hosting is more secure than other hosting plans if you’re trying to set up your own VPS without any experience. By blindly managing your VPS without the proper experience, you could actually open up your website and server to potential hacking and malware. We do offer fully managed hosting for those who prefer managed solutions.

In terms of security, our shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans offer isolation on the account level. This ensures your hosting account is completely isolated from other customers on the server, making it secure so that one account cannot access another account, including hacking and malware attacks. Additionally, we deploy a Web Application Firewall for protection at the server level. Lastly, our network and services are managed by experienced IT professionals with whom you will never face issues like these.

Cybersecurity Checklist for Small and Medium Businesses

Shared Hosting Lacks Scalability

One of the most common myths about shared hosting, scaling resources is not possible. It is often stated by those who are ill-intended or are not familiar with the technology. It’s a misconception that as your business grows, you will maximize the resources, and then you will be worried about being stuck with little resources (RAM, bandwidth, and storage) to run your site or buy a whole new hosting service.

In actual fact, shared hosting is pretty scalable if you choose the best service provider. We offer different levels of shared hosting plans to direct the needs of business owners who want to grow their business and website. We can scale your plan from a basic entry-level plan with 50GB of space for a small website to a plan with unlimited space within seconds. If your website is expecting a surge of traffic, you can instantly scale up or plan from within your account with AEserver.

How To Choose Between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

VPS is Better

This is the most common myth, second to performance issue claims. With a variety of hosting plans, we also offer dedicated hosting, which is a good neutral ground between a regular shared hosting plan and a fully-fledged VPS. In many cases, we find that most business owners need more resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage than a whole VPS. A dedicated hosting plan is the best fit when this is the case.

You Will Expect More Downtime

The last myth of shared hosting that we’ll discuss here is frequent downtime. But for the most part, shared hosting is exceptionally reliable. Often you may hear people saying that shared hosting may suffer more downtime than other hosting technologies. This really depends on the service provider and the level of expertise and care provided. If the servers are properly maintained, shared hosting does not suffer any more downtime than any other hosting service, and certainly not just because it’s shared hosting.

The best shared hosting providers deliver reliable service. Here at AEserver, we maintain 99.99% and, in some cases, 100% uptime on servers, excluding maintenance tasks. We accomplish this by ensuring our shared hosting servers are properly managed.

Final Verdict

Shared hosting is unfairly criticized, with so many myths that it’s unreliable, insecure, and won’t grow with your business. Now you know the truth.

Shared hosting is secure, scalable, and reliable.

The main point here is that it’s true that site owners who choose low-end shared hosting often experience issues, while shared hosting is not responsible for this. With a little research, site owners can learn a lot about a good and reliable shared hosting provider. Here are some of the things to focus on when researching suppliers:

  • Positive reviews
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Accredited Rating
  • Knowledge based and Blogs
  • Multilingual support

As you already know, in AEserver, we provide high security on the server-side to protect our customers, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, and various plans so that you can scale your business.

Apart from that, the best providers can experience service issues sometimes. What sets them apart from other hosting companies is how they respond. We closely monitor our servers as soon as the server encounters an issue; our team is always ready to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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