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Today, the world is facing highly sophisticated data breaches, threats, and attacks because cyber attackers still manage to deploy their harmful intent and new ways of gaining access to your network.

You may often hear about data breaches; even the tech giants like Google and Facebook have experienced this problem. Some of the examples of security breaches experienced by major organizations include the following:

In 2018 Facebook saw internal software flaws lead to the loss of 29 million users’ personal data, including the account of the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This was particularly an embarrassing security breach for Facebook.

In 2013 with Yahoo, over 3 billion accounts were compromised after a phishing attempt. And perhaps most embarrassing of all being a cyber security firm, Czech company Avast faced a security breach in 2019. This breach did not threaten customers; instead, the target was to insert malware into Avast’s products.

Being a major organization or a cyber security firm doesn’t immune you. So, it’s vital to protect data, whether you are a small business, government body, or an individual, by employing services that can help you reduce the probability of such dangerous attacks.

Now let’s quickly understand some details about security breaches and some data breach services that AEserver has brought for you to help you stay protected.

How Does a Data Breach Happen?

Data breaches reveal sensitive or confidential data belonging to a business and its customers, government, and individuals to an unauthorized person who somehow got access to the network. The attacker can expose the information to anyone and anywhere without any consent and can take advantage in any way.

Everyone is at risk in this technological world where every user and business runs on the internet. Hackers can steal any data that is on the internet via different methods. Even a weak link in security can end up in heavy data loss. In general, data breaches happen due to a weakness in technology or user behavior. For example, unsafe connectivity, browsing malicious sites, weak passwords, software release without proper security assessment, lack of encryption, and so on.

A breach can happen when something is not taken care of. It can be intentional or unintentional.


An authorized employee in an organization can be a malicious person who can share data or leave the system exposed to attackers. They may use their authority and take advantage to carry out malicious activity.


An employee can accidentally leave vulnerabilities hackers can leverage to steal data. It can happen due to the irresponsibilities of employees, like leaving some system updates with security flaws or leaving devices unprotected and poor internet habits.

Additionally, hackers can use advanced technologies to hack into data such as phishing, DDOS attack, scams, brute force, and so on. Therefore it’s necessary to implement strategies to protect your data and use security services.

Impacts of the Data Breach

A data breach can affect a business from all sides, whether financial or reputational or concern of privacy. In this section, let’s see how a data breach impacts individual, business, and government bodies.


Individuals can suffer from identity theft involving exposing their data, such as bank account information and social security information. Malicious attackers can use these stolen data to perform frauds, ruin credit, and other illegal activities. In addition, attackers can leak data that threatens your privacy.


Businesses can be destroyed by a data breach, exposing sensitive and confidential information to others. Sometimes, it exposes their customer’s information to destroy user trust and brand reputation. Once a business’s reputation is gone, it can take ages to rebuild. In addition, businesses may get penalized by security regulators such as HIPAA, GDPR, etc. The cost of recovering from these incidents is very high. Eventually, a business can suffer from finances, reputation, privacy, and revenue.

Usually, these attacks can be done to take some personal revenge or by a competitor to ruin the opponent’s reputation to get market share.

Government Bodies:

If the information of a government body is compromised, it can be a significant threat to the country and its citizens. Governments can suffer from a data breach in terms of national security if their data, such as military operations, structures, deals and weapons, and other details get leaked.

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How To Protect Against a Data Breach?

Individuals, businesses, and governments should protect their data using security tools and technologies, implementing security measures, and ensuring they leave no vulnerabilities that attackers can utilize. Following are some security measures you should take to maintain security.

Follow the best cybersecurity practices and educate your employees about them.

  • Always use updated softwares and third-party applications.
  • Use high-level data encryption.
  • Use strong and unique passwords.
  • Impose security and privacy policies throughout the organization.
  • Use security systems like firewall, antivirus, brute force protection, etc.

On top of that, you can use the below security services to monitor data breaches.

Sitelock Security

Sitelock security is a website security and monitoring service that helps you protect your website, business, and network against cyber threats. It is one of the leading security services available today.

After installing Sitelock security, it will regularly scan your website for malware and other vulnerabilities and immediately alert you about unnecessary incidents and protect your business reputation. From malware removal to database security, ongoing security, and monitoring, it also finds data breaches in your website that hackers might use to break in.

AEserver and SiteLock together protect your website. Some of the benefits of Sitelock are following:

  • SiteLock helps keep your website safe and secure, ensuring your clients have the best customer experience.
  • Generate trust with the Sitelock site seal and gain extra attention with a secure and PCI-compliant store and website.
  • Works with every website – no matter where it is hosted or the technology used. You are protected instantly.

AEserver provides you three plans of SiteLock for you to choose from:


Avast BreachGuard

Avast breach guards help you establish your account’s privacy setting and keep you safe from data breaches. You can protect your data from data breaches with avast by monitoring your information 24/7 and checking for leaks to protect your data from malicious attackers. Besides, it protects your website by detecting security issues at the right time and scans the dark web automatically. It keeps an eye on your network to identify the risk and secure your data every second.

Avast breach guard allows you to browse websites without the fear of a leak. Ensure the passwords you are using are strong and not similar to other passwords. Moreover, it strengthens the privacy settings by managing the amount of information you share, reducing the number of information companies have and stopping anyone from spying on you, and

Apart from the most popular data breach security services mentioned above, you can also choose from other services. Some of them are listed below:

  • BitDefender
  • AVG BreachGuard
  • SpyCloud
  • FortiSandbox
  • BreachSite
  • Imperva data activity monitoring


You never want to leave your house door open all day for anyone to walk in. Think of your computer the same way! Always keep your network and data highly secured, and don’t leave any door or window for a hacker to break into your system.

Keeping the data secure is a problem worldwide as data breaches are rising very fast. Although you can never stop attackers, you can reduce the risk of getting compromised by making your network and systems strong. Along with security policies and strategies, you need more sophisticated data protection software such as a data breach security system.

Security is our top concern. To provide a secure web hosting platform, AEserver brings you the best data breach system called SiteLock, having multiple functionalities to protect your website against vulnerabilities.

Buy your security system with AEserver’s cheap and best plans and make your website more secure than ever.

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