The Lifecycle of a Gtld (.Com .Net)

A common belief is that a domain name cannot be purchased. But you can lease a domain name. A standard domain name can be registered for anywhere between 1 to 10 years. The lifecycle of a domain name starts when they are available to the public for registry and ends at its deletion.

The lifecycle of a gTLD (the most popular .com and .net) has five stages discussed below:

Stage 1 (Availability of a Domain Name): Stage 1 is the starting of any domain lifecycle. In the case of a gTLD, a starting point is when a domain name is available for registration. In simple words, It means the domain name you want is not registered by anyone else. AEserver allows you to register a gTLD (.com and .net) for between 1 to 10 years. The easiest way to search for an available domain name with AEserver is to log in – go to the domain section – registration – and then, in the search box, search for a specific domain you want.

Stage 2 (Registration): Registration or leasing is the second stage. After completing the registration process, your domain name becomes active. But for 60 days, you need to stay with your current registrar in case you’re thinking of switching to another one. This change will not cause any setbacks in terms of the status of your domain because the domain will remain active for a period that you have paid for. However, these changes are rare because every registrar has the same rules and provides the same services.

Stage 3 (Expiration): The domain name will expire after the time you have registered for a domain is over. As the expiration time is getting nearer AEsever sends out the reminders to the customers, most registrars do the same. This helps the customers to renew their domain on time. Once the expiration date is crossed, the domain gets deactivated, usually after 24 hrs of expiration. The domain is still not available for others. However, it will go in the grace period, usually between 0 to 45 days. While in the grace period, you can renew your domain without paying any extra fees.

Stage 4 (Redemption): Once the grace period is over, you still have a chance to renew your domain by paying a redemption fee. The duration of this stage is 30 days.

Stage 5 (Deletion): This is the last stage of the gTLD domain lifecycle. As the redemption period is expired, your domain name will enter into the deletion stage. This stage is usually five days long. At this time, you can do nothing to take back your domain. All you can do is wait for the domain to get deleted, and then you can register it once it’s available again. But it would be best if you hurry before someone else can grab it.

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