How to choose Server Location | The Top Benefits of Hosting Data Centers in Dubai, UAE

Most people underestimate the importance of the location of the hosting server. Unfortunately, this has a lot to do with the fact that some hosting providers try to keep their clients in the dark when it comes to enlightening them about the server’s location. This explains why a vast majority of people usually ignore the importance of hosting a server’s site.

Many people are unaware that you can make your website function faster by placing your server’s physical location near your target market. This lack of knowledge can be fatal for a business and its website.

Thankfully, AEserver helps create awareness over this issue. As it works with only the best facilities in the world, it is able to provide its users with a quality experience. Their servers are powerful and they use next generation hardware for their hosting infrastructure. All these things help in making the website function faster, which is what all users want.

Why Does Data Center Location Matter?

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t care about how close a data center is to you. Instead, you should care about how close the server is to your primary customer base.

Ideally, if your customer base is in UAE, you should have your server located nearby too. If you choose to have your server located in the USA, this will result in unsatisfactory and delayed performance due to network latency. Precious time is wasted in conveying the customer’s request and then responding to that request if the server is located too far away.

That is why UAE data centers are always located close to the businesses that utilize them. Small businesses that use colocation data centers rather than cloud services have to maintain their servers regularly. As a result, their servers need to be in the exact geographic location of their business (and operations team). Additionally, prime locations often have many interconnects within them, as in Dubai, Europe (Germany), and the USA. This makes AEserver ideal for hosting services.

Server Location Affects Speed

The closer the server location, the quicker the data will be transferred. Data is transferred faster if the server is located nearby. If the server is located too far away, data will be shared significantly slower. You know how agitated you get when you visit a website, but it feels like it takes forever to load it?

This is usually because the hosting server is located too far away to direct a prompt response. When this happens, you typically leave the website and move onto another one. Usually, visitors don’t wait more than three seconds for the website to load. Anything more means that they turn back without looking at what you have to offer and go to your competitor instead.


As a business and website owner, you should be wise and consider certain aspects when selecting a server location. Firstly, you should do some thorough market research. Find out more about the geographical location of your customer base and target audience. Once you have the answer to that, you should ask your server hosting provider if it is possible for you to have a website aligned with a server within that location. For example, if your business targets clientele in the UAE, you should opt for a server located in the UAE, irrespective of your actual location.

Does Server Location Matter for SEO?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider server location as a ranking signal. They determine a site’s location based on the IP address of the hosting plan that the website owners have purchased. So, if you are based in the UAE but your hosting server is in the US, then search engines will think that your target audience is in the US.

Webpage load time is one of the most critical factors that is taken into consideration by an SEO. This is why, if you are doing business in the United Arab Emirates, it is advised that you should not buy hosting services from a company with IPs in England, Australia, or anywhere else OTHER than the United Arab Emirates. This is because the time required for the website to load will be considerably longer, which diverts users from coming to your website and browsing through what you have to offer.

So, the simple answer to this question is YES! Server location matters greatly for SEO.

Privacy and Security

The law is vast and broad in the field of privacy and security; it varies from country to country. Information laws are generally different in every country. Many people do not realize that the server location of their website determines the rules that they are bound to follow. The country your server is located in matters greatly.

Given that you are located in the UAE let’s assume that you host your data on a server in the US. The information on your server is now subject to US and PATRIOT acts (in the name of anti-terrorism). The US government can legally get your data without even informing you that your data has been given to them. They can lawfully bound the hosting company to stay tight-lipped about the existence of the request itself, much less the specifics of what client or data they are interested in. Almost no hosting companies will protect you in such circumstances. The only way the good ones can do it is in the negative.

There may be locations in the world where client privacy and security are treated even more carefully than in the UAE, but the US is not one of those places. Additionally, some industries and data types have compliance regulations for where the servers can be located for the very same reason. For example, you are not allowed to store certain medical records on servers located in specific places.

When you run a website out of one country and servers out of another, you might find yourself at the mercy of different laws. You will come across various interesting government and legal intersections, which is why you must be mindful about your server hosting location.

Cyber Protection and Privacy Rules in UAE

As mentioned earlier, client privacy is often breached under different jurisdictions. Server Hosting websites usually sit back helplessly and let the government do as they please by taking whatever data they deem worthy. Hosting servers cannot even inform the website owners about the whole ordeal. For this reason, it is widely suggested that one must opt for a server hosting website in a jurisdiction that takes cyber protection laws and privacy rules seriously. Luckily, UAE is one of the best options as they take their privacy laws very seriously.

The UAE has enacted such strict privacy and cyber laws that it has easily become one of the best in the region. In 2018, Emeri Decree No. 2 was issued, replacing earlier laws and placing strict punishments (imprisonment and fine) on whoever breached the cyber laws.

Cyber Protection and Privacy

Moreover, the UAE also introduced the Federal Law on Combating Cybercrimes of 2012. This is commonly referred to as the Cybercrime law. It is the backbone of the regulatory system in place by the UAE government. Under this, punishable offenses and activities such as hacking, identity theft, and fraud are covered. Additionally, it condemns any unauthorized access to a website or electronic information system, or network. This means anyone who attempts to access and take your data for personal gain can be held liable under the law.

As the world has digitized and everything has quickly moved online, the UAE has recognized the need for new, updated laws to accommodate everyone with their fundamental right to privacy. For this reason, the UAE has worked on its rules regularly in the past two decades and made them considerably better for every citizen. Therefore, UAE is an ideal server hosting location.

Is Shared Hosting Secure?

Fortunately, shared Hosting is very secure. Shared Hosting is the simplest and most frequently used hosting method taken by most websites. The only downside of shared Hosting is that you share a server with many other websites, but if you don’t choose the right hosting company, this can backfire, and things can go terribly wrong for you.

Shared hosting plans are comparatively much more affordable than Dedicated Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting. This means that it is budget-friendly and even websites for personal blogging and small businesses can afford it.

All technical issues and administration are taken care of by the web hosting company. You will be provided with the panel to manage your website. You will get MySql and PHP support from the hosting company.


If you choose a reliable hosting provider like AEserver, then you’re in luck! Shared Hosting is perfectly safe for you. AEserver shared Hosting services are well suitable for single page sites to an enterprise-level site. AEserver shared hosting servers are secured and they come with world-class technology.

If you plan to host a UAE site on the UAE shared hosting server, then AEserver will be a suitable choice. AEserver offers 24/7 support for shared hosting clients. Their shared hosting plans will help you create the best online presence, which is just what your business needs.


There’s only one thing left to say here: Choose a location for your hosting server that is closer to your target audience. While the server location is important, there are other factors like the quality of the data used and the data center, the technical aspects of the chosen web hosting, domain name, plugins, and scripts you add to your website, etc. that matter too.

Your customers are valuable and they are what makes (or breaks) your business. Therefore, you must keep that in mind when you choose your server. Make sure that you decide this carefully as your customers should not be turned away for short-lived benefits.

We hope you found this article useful, and it helped answer your questions on server location and whether it matters or not. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our support team or drop in a comment below!

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