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WordPress on the Cloud: Benefits beyond Traditional Hosting

If you are about to launch a WordPress site, you might wonder about the best hosting option. To which the answer is “Cloud Hosting.

There’s a lot of buzz around cloud hosting, but what is the cloud? And what does it has to do with hosting?

You didn’t realise, but you are already using cloud services. Gmail, Social networks, ATMS, and even online banking rely on the cloud.

Cloud hosting makes websites available on the internet using the same cloud resources. It’s a popular choice for WordPress users who want to avoid downtime, slow loading, or costing too much. This post will show how well cloud hosting and WordPress work together.

Let’s get started.

WordPress Cloud Hosting Delivers Faster Speed

Cloud hosting is typically faster than traditional hosting. When you use shared hosting, your website has to compete for the resources of a single server or data center with other websites. This can lead to slower loading times and more unreliable performance, as your website has to share resources with hundreds or thousands of different websites.

VPS and dedicated hosting can provide dedicated resources for your website, resulting in faster loading times and more reliable performance than shared hosting. However, they still need to match the scalability and flexibility of cloud hosting, which can provide access to a larger pool of resources from a cluster of interconnected servers. Cloud hosting providers typically offer advanced caching technologies and free access to a CDN, which can further improve website speed and performance.

When you use a cloud hosting partner like AEserver, your WordPress website has exclusive access to a fixed amount of virtual resources. This means that if another customer’s website experiences a traffic spike or if one of the servers in the cloud cluster experiences a technical issue, it won’t affect your site’s performance. Your website will continue to load quickly for your visitors.

Most premium cloud-based WordPress hosts also provide free access to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). So while the cost of WordPress cloud hosting may appear higher than that of shared hosting or even a VPS, it’s essential to consider the added value of cloud hosting.

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WordPress Cloud Hosting Offers More Scalability

Cloud hosting is engineered with scalability in mind, and websites hosted on the cloud can quickly scale up or down their virtual resources depending on their traffic needs.

With traditional web hosting services like shared hosting, your website has to compete with others for resources on a single server or data center. This means that if your website experiences an unexpected spike in traffic, it may struggle to handle the increased demand, resulting in slower loading times and even downtime for some users.

On the other hand, with cloud WordPress hosting, your website is hosted on a cluster of interconnected servers, which allows it to scale up or down its virtual resources as needed quickly. This means that if your website suddenly becomes insanely popular or a piece of your content goes viral, it will continue to function normally due to its distributed nature and use of a built-in CDN.

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WordPress Cloud Hosting Provides Redundancy and Reliability

Using a cluster of interconnected servers in cloud WordPress hosting offers redundancy, minimizing or eliminating downtime. This contrasts with traditional web hosting services that rely on a single server or data center. In the event of a server failure in a cloud cluster, other servers will take over, ensuring your site remains available to users.

The redundant architecture of WordPress cloud hosting also promotes high uptime, which is essential for maintaining a reliable online presence. With most cloud-based WordPress hosts, you can expect near 100% uptime, which is unlikely to be achieved with traditional hosting solutions.

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Improved Security With WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting providers often have more advanced security measures in place than traditional web hosting providers. This is because cloud hosting companies typically have dedicated teams that focus solely on security and are equipped with the latest technologies and strategies to protect their customers’ data and websites.

Cloud hosting providers use virtualization technology, which creates virtual machines that act as independent servers. Each customer’s website is hosted on its virtual machine, wholly isolated from other customers’ virtual machines, ensuring the security of their data and resources. Suppose one virtual machine is infected with malware. In that case, the cloud hosting provider can isolate it from the rest of the cluster until the infection is resolved, ensuring your website remains unaffected.

Additionally, AEserver employs a web application firewall for enhanced network security. A WAF helps protect websites from various attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other attacks targeting web applications.

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Better SEO With WordPress Cloud Hosting

Google has been very clear about the importance of website speed and uptime for SEO, and hosting your WordPress website on the cloud can help ensure both. Search engines prioritize websites that load fast and are reliable, so cloud hosting can boost your search rankings.

Cloud-based WordPress hosting offers fast loading times and high uptime, which can positively impact your website’s search engine rankings. Visitors will notice that your website loads more quickly and is rarely (or never) down. Thus, search engines will prioritize your website over competitors.

Cloud hosting alone won’t drive your website’s organic listings to the top of the search results, but it’s one of the factors to assist with improving SEO results.

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Amazing Customer Support With WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based WordPress hosting providers offer exceptional customer service and support. They have teams of experts who are knowledgeable about WordPress and the hosting platform and are available to assist customers with any issues or concerns. This can be particularly helpful for those who need to become more familiar with the technical aspects of hosting and website management.

For example, AEserver’s world-class support team quickly handles all hosting-related issues, questions, and concerns regarding WordPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more. We aim to exceed your expectations and ensure you have the best hosting experience possible.

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Final Thoughts

Cloud hosting can offer numerous benefits for WordPress users, including improved website speed and uptime, enhanced security measures, and better SEO rankings. With the bonus of exceptional customer support, cloud hosting can be a smart choice for anyone looking to build a website with WordPress.

AEserver Cloud offers an excellent solution for WordPress hosting, with high performance and reliable uptime, thanks to our SSD cloud storage. The flexibility of a monthly plan is also a nice bonus, as is our commitment to privacy and security.

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