What Can Cause a Cluttered Homepage?

Your home page is the first impression of your website. One of the most common mistakes users make is trying to present too much information on the home page, which will cause it to become cluttered. A cluttered home page will not give visitors a user-friendly experience and will make it hard for visitors to find what they are looking for.

To Overcome This Problem, You Should Avoid:

Duplicate Homepages: When you have multiple URLs leading to the same page, it will confuse the visitors and hurt your search engine ranking. Google treats every URL as a separate URL. to avoid this, add a canonical tag to your main homepage URL. by choosing AEserver cheap hosting you’ll get the help to outrank the competition in search engine results.

Complicated Site Navigation: Complicated site navigation means a bad user experience. Your navigation bar should always be immediately visible for anyone who lands on your site. Also, having too many options with drop-down menus with various other options could frustrate the visitor. Try to limit the options in your navigation bar to essential links on your site.

Non-Specific Page Title: Always use specific page titles relevant to the content of your page and use relevant keywords and keep it under 70 characters. It is good for user experience and search engine ranking.

No Contact Information: Professional websites use a separate page for contact information. They keep basic contact information like email addresses and phone numbers on every site page. You probably don’t want a visitor to give up finding your contact. Display your contact information visibly on your homepage to avoid the situation where visitors get frustrated and leave your site.

Absence of Entry Page: An entry page is a landing page. A homepage is not an entry page every time. If you’re running a PPC ad, use a separate landing page for the ad. You can use analytics tools to determine and optimize your website’s entry pages and increase their ability to convert leads.

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