What Are the Common Mistakes in Setting Up Your Landing Pages?

Landing page and conversion rates work side by side. A landing page is essential to your ability to convert leads. It helps in iterating the benefits of your offers, keeping leads focused, and keeping higher conversions. Following are the biggest mistakes you can make setting up your landing pages.

A Catch-All Landing Page: A landing page should be relevant to the content that directs the leads to the page in the first place. For example, if you’re offering a product at a discount and run a PPC ad for it, the landing page should highlight the product and offer. If it’s just a standard landing page, visitors might get confused about whether they are on the right page or not, and it can result in a high bounce rate.

Missing Calls-to-Action: Your CTA helps to drive leads to your landing pages. Include a CTA highlighting what action you want your leads to take on every landing page you create.

Not setting thankyou pages: When you’re converting leads through landing pages, make sure to thank them. It will help make your leads feel appreciated because it’s imperative to build a relationship with your leads once they have submitted a form to successfully nurture them through their buyer’s journey and beyond.

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