What Are the Risk and Complexity of Domain Management and Using Many Registrars? The Importance of Domain Consolidation

The complexity of domain management occurs when a centralized team devotes resources to handle domain requests from different businesses, administer the unique registry requirements of every registration and calculate what each business should pay for their portfolio of Domain annually. Decentralized management doesn’t get effective with different businesses handling their own domain portfolios, and policies vary within each unit.

Moreover, when a business uses more than one registrar to manage a domain, it adds more complexity to domain management. Using multiple registrars means your sensitive information is recorded with multiple parties. If any of the registrars have weak security controls, there is a risk of losing control of your Domain.

To get over the risk and complexity of domain management, configure your registrar preferences to allow each business to manage their own domains under a parent account to be billed separately. Additionally, it would be best to choose a reliable domain registrar whose priority is the security of their customer, systems are designed with security first, and the support team is well-versed in phishing methodology.

The registrar should provide you secure access to DNS through two-factor authentication, IP validation, federated ID. A registrar should also allow you to control user permissions and use advanced domain security features such as registrar locks and DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).

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