Incorrect Use of Header and Meta Tags in Websites?

The headers you use in your content are essential for various reasons. The correct use of headers, such as proper keywords, allows users to get an idea about your content and what it is about. These headers help search engines identify your content’s subject and index and rank your pages accurately.

Meta tags have a similar function as header and are also very important. Meta tags won’t show up on your web pages, but they will appear on SERP. A meta tag is usually a summary of your content on a particular web page. It also gives an idea to the visitors and search engine what your content is about and whether it’s relevant to the searched query or not.

Crawl Path Issues: The search engine bots go through every website page to properly index and rank it. They enter your site from different entry points and crawl outward. If the bots end up missing pages, your site has a poor architecture and can cause crawl path issues. This may result in a poor search engine ranking.

The good news is you can eliminate crawl path issues by using a flat site hierarchy. This means your homepage links to your category pages which link to subcategory pages that link to your detail pages. A sitemap can work great for the bots to crawl and visitors to have a user-friendly experience. However, if you have errors in your site map, i.e., adding wrong pages and wrong format, it can cause a problem. So you should monitor your site regularly and fix the broken links which can cause roadblocks in your site crawl path.

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