What Happens if You Miss or Forget To Renew Your Domain?

Domain name renewals are an essential part of maintaining your Domain. So, what happens if you miss domain name renewals?. The first thing is, your website will disappear. As Domain is the address of your website, if it is removed, the browser cannot find your site anymore. And if you have a domain name email address, you would lose access to your email too. What’s worse? While trying to get your Domain back, you’ll lose the traffic and reputation you’ve built by spending a lot of time and effort. It’s a total nightmare for a business.

Domain name renewals also depend on the registrar. Options and fees for renewing domains, including expiration dates, vary by the registrar. So you should read the rules carefully to understand the possibilities. Some registrars also give a grace period in which it is still possible for you to renew your Domain at a standard fee. After the grace period, the registrar can file a domain cancellation request to the ICANN; this is the last stage called the redemption period. In this stage, you’ll be able to renew your Domain but with a penalty fee. After the redemption period, if you don’t renew your Domain, your Domain will be released to the public, and anyone can grab it.

Your Domain is the foundation and brand of your business. The best thing you can do is to contact your registrar, renew it to the max, which is ten years. Also, You should set your domains to auto-renew so that you never miss a domain renewal and opt for credit on account instead of using a credit card.

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