What Are the Risks of Getting Into a Domain Name Dispute, and How Can We Minimize Them?

You must know that the main cause of domain name disputes is caused by registering similar domain names. This act is also called cybersquatting. Cybersquatters ignore the existence of a trademark and meanwhile try to register an identical domain name to the trademark to profit from others. Sometimes a cybersquatter purchases a similar domain to sell it to the trademark owner for profit or sometimes to attract traffic and gain profit from customers.

The best way to reduce the risk of getting into a domain name dispute is to take care of the domain name. You must know that you cannot register a domain name already registered by someone else. But almost all registrars accept the registration of similar domain names to those already registered ones.

Additionally, the same domain name with different domain extensions makes it easier to register similar domains. If you register a domain “mybusiness.ae”, you can’t stop someone from buying “mybusiness.com” or so on.

To minimize the risk of domain dispute, avoid registering a domain name related to a trademark of competitors. As the internet is used globally, you should check trademarks and trading names internationally before registering your Domain. Also, be particular about registering a domain name similar to a popular or large company name. Even if you have a right to use the domain name, these large companies are very aggressive in disputing rights to such names.

Remember that If you get into fighting a dispute and win, it can cause significant disruption and cost.

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