SEDO-INTERVIEW Interviews the AEserver Founder Munir Badr About His Hosting Journey, and Shares Insights About the New Popular Extension .AE

Besides .io and .ai, there have been hardly any “new” country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) in recent times that have stood out alongside the already established extensions such as .co, .me, .de or The situation is different with .AE – the country code extension for the United Arab Emirates. High-priced sales of domains like for $101.000 and for $75.000 have put the .AE extension in the focus of businesses and investors alike. But what do we know about .AE and where did its rise come from?

Sedo spoke to Munir Badr, founder & CEO of AEserver. While based in the United Arab Emirates, AEserver operates with customers from all over the world, has a strong presence and footprint in the MENA region, and is currently the largest privately owned accredited .AE domain name registrar by market share. In this interview, Munir not only gives us a lot of insights into the world of .AE, but also about the people in Dubai using these domains and under which conditions the domain landscape has developed there.

If you wish to know more about the world of hosting, need tips on growing your business, require help with the laws, or need that extra Motivation, you must read the complete interview. You can visit the entire interview click the below link.

Click here: .AE: The new star in the ccTLD sky
Munir Badr from AEserver shares insights about the new popular extension .AE

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