Site.Pro Interviews The AEserver Founder Munir Badr About His Hosting Journey, Domain, and More

Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Munir Badr is the CEO and founder of AEserver. Munir is a UAE resident since 1996 and a graduate of the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Munir established AEserver.com out of his bedroom in 2005 and grew it to become the largest domain name registrant & web hosting company in the region. Site.Pro invited him to talk about his background, his AEserver journey, and the secret behind The AEserver’s success.

In his interview, Munir revealed details about AEserver and how it isn’t just another hosting company, but a lot more than that. Everyone can be a hosting service provider but not everyone does it like AEserver. So, what did AEserver do that set them apart from everyone else?

Successful business owners always opt for local domains, even though they are much more expensive. The reason behind this is simple; they generate more organic SEO traffic which means more visitors on the website and potential buyers. Moreover, choosing local domains help websites appear more authentic to customers.

By studying the market and knowing more about customer’s needs and expectations, Munir and his company set out to sell hosting services and domains at cheap prices. They were also well aware that local domains are costly which makes most business owners opt out of buying that. They took the revolutionary step of tapping the local market and making the most of it. They did so by offering different incentives such as selling local domains at cost price. This gained them immediate success.

In today’s cutthroat business world, everyone wants to attract the big fishes. Everyone wants to grab the big clients, often ignoring or letting go of the smaller clients in the process. This puts small business owners at a disadvantage and that is another angle that Munir and his company explored and covered.

AEserver offers cheap prices that help small businesses save costs and advertise their business more. In addition to that, they have an efficient customer support service available 24/7 that helps businesses grow. The best thing about AEserver is that it supports all kinds of businesses (small or large) and encourages them to grow. They also have a smooth system that allows cloud hosting, so that when businesses grow and expand, they can move to better servers.

In his interview, Munir also talked about how his company has made life easier for anyone and everyone who wishes to create their website. With the latest servers, technologies, and tools, AEserver is armed to provide the best experience to all their clients. Their interface is user-friendly and so, anyone can operate and navigate through it.

In his exclusive interview, Munir hands out important advice for entrepreneurs and influencers who are looking to create their own website. He gives useful insights about the business world, encouraging viewers to learn and do better. Towards the end, Munir imparts with encouraging words of wisdom. He declares that the United Arab Emirates is a state of endless possibilities and so, nothing is really impossible there. Whatever you set your sights on, you can achieve!

If you wish to know more about the world of hosting, need tips on growing your business, require help with the laws, or need that extra Monday Motivation, you must watch the interview. You can watch the complete interview here.

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