What Should We Do if Someone Uses a Similar Domain Name To Profit From Our Brand or Take Advantage of Our Customers?

Suppose someone is using your trademark or intentionally passing themselves off as related to your business. You’ll have a strong point for using a dispute domain name resolution procedure or taking court action against them. But if they have a legal and defensible claim to have a similar domain name, it may not be easy to take action against them. In thi case, you have to focus more on promoting your domain name rather than wasting time and money on a dispute process. But before any decision, you should take advice from an experienced advisor.

There can be more cases where someone uses a similar domain name to take advantage of your business and customers. The most common example is phishing. People with evil intentions try to trick your customers by pretending to be you and sending them emails or texts to collect information like credit card details or security codes.

Although you are not responsible for this, what you can do is you need to establish a standard security policy such as asserting that your customers will not receive any emails asking them for financial and security details. And also, warn your customers about what is happening.

You can buy multiple similar domains to protect yourself from disputes because buying a trademark is not enough. It doesn’t give you a domain name and prevents others from buying domain names that include your trademark. So, buying related and multiple similar domains can help you protect yourself from this problem.

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