How To Avoid URL Blacklisting in Google & Other Search Engines?

URL blacklisting is one of the scariest problems your company might face. Once your site is blacklisted, you’ll lose the traffic and your customer’s trust because the site will be considered a harmful site by Google or other search engines. 

A website can be blacklisted by:

  • Phishing schemes
  • Malware code
  • SEO spam
  • And other vulnerable acts by hackers

Every company on the internet should take security precautions before getting into big problems. You can avoid being blacklisted by following the below practices.

  1. Do your research when it comes to choosing a host for your website. A quality web host takes all the security measures to save their customer and help you prevent malicious activities by monitoring the security of your website.
  2. Always keep your softwares and third-party apps updated. It’s better to use an auto-update mechanism.
  3. Using a strong password can help a lot to save yourself from hackers. If your password is not strong enough, hackers can break into your account and add malicious software and coding to get your website blacklisted. 
  4. Use white hat techniques to avoid being blacklisted. Sometimes Google blacklists a page for black hat optimization techniques; it includes stealing content, copyrighted images, and videos from other pages and other poor activities that don’t meet Google’s standard.

There is nothing better than a quality and cheap hosting at once. To prevent you from being blacklisted, AEserver provides you with a site lock security tool that automatically scans your websites for malware and lets you know if there are any security breaches.

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