10 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2023

WordPress has been around since 2003 and has become known as the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). It is responsible for over 74 million websites on the Internet. In fact, one in every five websites is powered by WordPress, and more and more business owners are using this tool to post their content daily.

If you are undecided on whether the CMS suits you, here are the top 10 reasons why using WordPress will benefit your website.

Its Free and Open-Source Software

One of the main reasons why using WordPress is free is that it makes the platform more appealing to business owners. Whether you are a small business owner or a large organization, keeping the cost as low as possible is essential. Thankfully, WordPress is free software that doesn’t cost you a penny.

WordPress is also an open-source software which means you can download, use, and modify the source code to match your needs. The open-source nature will help you improve your website’s look and functionality. This is especially crucial for creative business owners and bloggers to create their online space however they like.

However, WordPress is free; you must pay for the domain and hosting to display your website online. WordPress will only give you the resources to build a website.

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It’s Easy To Use

As WordPress is free, it’s super easy to get started. All you need to do is install the software, and you are set! The reason why more than half of the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress is that it’s user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. Adding new pages, posts, images etc., can be done quickly, even without a developer.

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It Has a Vast Community of Users and Developers

WordPress would not have come this far without its massive and fantastic community of developers and users. The developers come from all over the world to work together to ensure the accessibility of WordPress to everyone. And anyone willing to contribute can become a part of this community.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a developer to join this project; there are various other ways to contribute.

Collaboration activities don’t just take place online; there are many offline events too. There is a WordPress conference called Wordcamp. It focuses on everything WordPress. Here you can meet other WordPress contributors and enthusiasts and listen to talks from experienced people in the field. WordCamp includes local gatherings in your city to large-scale events with massive crowds.

In addition, having a large community means there is a lot of information available that is all free and available. You will have plenty of people that can help you solve WordPress-related problems. Most likely, the bugs or issues you face on your website have occurred on others so that they can help you with yours.

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Its Highly Scalable and Adaptable

Depending on its massive range of themes and plugins, WordPress is a highly scalable and adaptable platform. It can handle many visits simultaneously, making it an excellent platform for any business.

If you are new to WordPress, you may need to become more familiar with themes and plugins. Here’s a short overview:


Themes are templates you can use to alter your website design. It includes web layout, colours, fonts and text.

They are templates you can use to alter the basic design of your website. Themes control website layout, colour, font and text styling.

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Plugins are used to add functionality to your website. There’s an incredible range of free and premium plugins for various web functionalities. Think of any feature or functionality; there are probably plugins for those. Functionality may include caching, security, forms, social media integrations and many more.

These themes and plugins make WordPress a robust CMS. You can build any website that you want. It can be a photo gallery, a food blog or a community forum. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can create an online store, and if you want to integrate more payment options, there are plenty of plugins for that too. In conclusion, the possibilities are endless with WordPress.

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It Makes SEO Easy

WordPress was initially launched as a blogging platform but has evolved into a robust CMS that can be used far more than blogging. The incredible inheritance that WordPress is famous for and made it loved by every user is its highly effective Search engine Optimization (SEO) feature that is included in WordPress core. And you can cut down the cost of good SEO. There are also various free SEO plugins available in the WordPress directory.

It Gives You Complete Control of Your Website

Website builders like Squarespace, Shopify and Weebly are great for making websites, but these are non-opens sources that limit your control to some features offered in premium packages. But this is different in WordPress.

WordPress gives you complete control of every aspect of your website; you can even make updates without needing a web designer.

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It Updates Regularly

WordPress releases its updates frequently. These updates include security updates and updates that transform how people use WordPress. The recent version of WordPress is vastly different from the one we used years ago. It’s more beginner friendly and has more features that work better.

WordPress always communicates about changes and product development, so you will know what to expect.

With a vast base of users, WordPress ensures it will be around for a while. Developers are working hard on updating the software and adding new features. That means you can be sure you will always have access to the latest updates to make your site more secure and robust.

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It’s Safe and Secure

One of the main priorities of an online business owner is to keep the website safe from hackers. With WordPress gaining popularity daily, hackers are inevitably looking for new ways to steal data. WordPress developers are only too aware of this and have security measures in place to keep up the user’s trust. With WordPress keeping every possible security measure to keep users safe, you need to use trusted sources to download themes, plugins and other third-party apps, especially when you are logged into WordPress.

It Is Excellent for Blogging

As we mentioned earlier, WordPress started as a blogging platform, so no doubt it’s so good for blogging. It’s by far one of the fastest ways to write and publish blog posts. You can easily make changes to your content and keep track of comments. Next to that, there are plenty of plugins dedicated to blogging. For example, Yoast SEO can help you optimize blog posts for visitors and search engines.

We have to mention blogging because the content is the master of SEO. People browse the Internet to read content and buy things. If you want visitors, you need to create content that people may want to look at. If your website’s primary purpose is to sell something, you can encourage people to purchase with engaging articles on the topic of your products. That’s the reason many websites have a blog nowadays.

It Is Easy To Maintain

When you are done creating your website, you will need to manage it. Things like adding new content or a new page can easily be managed with a single WordPress dashboard. It gives you a central place to manage everything on your website. You will receive an email for any updates made to the platform so that you will be aware of the situation.

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Next, Get the Best WordPress Hosting

So, why use WordPress? Now you definitely have the answers!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful CMS today!

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