The Ultimate SEO Web Hosting Guide

Starting your online business can be an exciting experience. However, it comes with many elements, such as a user-friendly website, great content, exceptional functionality, etc. Then there is a time to decide on your web hosting. The choice of web hosting greatly impacts your site, especially if you have an SEO-ready site ready to climb the ranks in search engines. Choosing the best hosting for SEO is much easier said than done. There are many SEO web hosting providers; the best option depends on your requirements.

Those requirements are often determined by the kind of website you need to host. For example, a blog and an e-commerce site both rely on good search engine optimization potential, but they are not expected to be equally well-served by the same hosting provider.

You may have even more particular needs, such as a limited budget or compatibility with a specific platform like WordPress.

This article will highlight the factors you should focus on to find the best SEO web hosting to help you build a successful business website.

Benefits of Having an SEO-Friendly Website

First of all, let’s talk about what are the benefits of having an SEO-friendly website. If you have an SEO-Friendly website, you will have a better ranking on SERP. That way, you increase traffic at a steady clip.

The traffic coming from SEO is organic traffic, meaning you don’t need to go for paid marketing tactics to reach your target audience or potential customers. It’s a cost-effective solution with the best results.

When you get a better ranking on SERP, the credibility of your brand also grows with it. It tells users that your site is relevant and a valuable source of information they are looking for.

A better ranking in SERP also helps you survive in today’s business world’s competitive ground and challenges your competitors.

Finally, when you have an SEO-Friendly website, Google recognizes you have a more user-friendly website.

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Web Hosting and SEO: How They Relate

The term SEO implies the actions taken to better your website’s position on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. there are alot of ongoing factors associated with a website’s SEO performance, and it is an enormous space for learning.

The choice of web host is one factor in determining your website’s SEO. Choosing the best hosting for SEO will reduce the turn-offs, such as bounce rate and the average number of users visiting your website. It’s a plus point for your website when visitors experience a limited amount of server errors and page timeouts.

All these factors of SEO are important in your ranking. If your site loads slowly because of a slow server response, your website can be punished by different search engines. In fact, search engines can remove your website from the search pages because of inaccessibility. Therefore, the answer lies in a web host that is SEO-friendly.


SEO Web Hosting: What To Look For

When comparing different SEO web hosting, you may want to consider the following important factors when looking at their features or reviews.

Guarantee Uptime

Good uptime is the most important feature a web hosting provider needs to deliver. Higher uptime means more sales and better ranking. Uptime measures the average time when your website is accessible via the internet.

Reliable hosting services bring guaranteed uptime. You will surely get excellent results if a host guarantees 99.9% uptime. With this uptime, your site will be down for 1.44 minutes per day, and if we calculate it annually, it would be roughly 8.8 hours which is a very good score. Keeping the downtime low helps to maintain your SEO performance.

AEserver has an uptime of 99.99%, which is highly SEO-friendly. Plus, we provide on-site support at our data centers 24×7.

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Server Location

Uptime and server location work hand in hand. While uptime refers to your site being accessible to the users, your server location may determine how quickly users can access your website.

Most web hosting companies offer excellent uptime and speed, but make sure to check where their servers are located. If your website is on the shared hosting server, dedicated server, or VPS, your site lies on a physical server.

Most hosting companies store their servers in data centres. Make sure the data centre is close to your target audience. The farther the server, the more it takes time for your site to load

The server location also looks fishy to search engines.Something bad may happen if you operate in one country and have a server host located halfway around the world.

Servers should be fast, and the host should use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to boost performance further.

Value Add-Ons

Many hosting companies offer optional value-adds you can use to upgrade your site to affect your SEO value positively. AEserver provides SEO-friendly additional features you can use to enhance your site.

SSL – HTTPS has been a ranking factor for many years. If a host offers SSL support, the data between you and your server is encrypted.

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Upgrades – you can scale your website and change/upgrade your hosting plan anytime you want.

Backups – If something goes wrong with your website, you can restore it with backups. No information will be lost, and your site can be online quickly.

Speed Optimization

Website speed is an element that we take for granted when all is good, but it sticks out rapidly when a site takes longer than average to load. While Google considers various factors before ranking your website, speed is one of the important factors the algorithm takes into consideration.

Search engines will penalize your site by decreasing your ranking if your loading time is below average. Make sure your website loads within 3-4 seconds.

A faster website will benefit you with a lesser bounce rate. A bounce rate is when a user visits your site and leaves without doing any action, such as clicking any button or visiting another page.

Web hosting plays a significant role in your site loading speed. If you want to improve your position on the SERP, look for SEO-friendly web hosting with experience in providing good speeds to their clients.

AEserver has made web hosting simple yet effective by utilizing enterprise-level infrastructure and processes to provide excellent speed. Platforms are built using the latest technologies. So if you’re looking for a faster website, you’re definitely in the right place.

Responsive Support Team

You can learn about the quality of web hosting through their support. A responsive support team handles issues quickly to keep your website online with a fast loading speed.

When you have goals to improve your business, you need solutions to all the common issues you might experience with the website. Your customer expects a quick and efficient site when they visit your site or purchase something.

When looking for the best hosting for SEO, check what support options are available (live chat, email, social media, phone, etc.) to you. Also, check if they offer support during normal business hours or 24/7. You can also look up reviews to determine if their support is responsive and helpful.

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To Maximize Website Traffic and Sales, Select the Best Web Hosting for SEO

Choosing the right SEO web hosting provider can help your website get better rankings in SERP. Uptime, server location, add-on SEO features, speed optimization, and reliable customer service are essential for boosting organic traffic.

AEserver has been helping businesses power their website since 2005. Contact one of our support team members to get help finding a hosting solution that best fits your website and SEO needs.

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