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Expert Insights on Domains and Hosting in the UAE & Beyond
When is it Time to Upgrade Your VPS Hosting?
When you start building your business from the ground, you probably didn't think about upgrading your hosting plan. But when time goes on, and you find your website is becoming slow, receiving more traffic, and you run into ...
Managed vs Unmanaged Hosting: Which Solution is Best for You?
You are ready to get your website online. You have got your assets together and some great content written up. All that is left is finding a hosting company, uploading your stuff via FTP, and you are good to go, right? Maybe...
Why Are Backups So Important for Your WordPress Site?
Let's say you update your core WordPress themes and plugins frequently, install only trusted themes and plugins, use security software and reliable hosting. That is undoubtedly good, but is that really enough? The answer is ...
What Is Premium DNS (and Why You Need One)
Cyber attacks are now a serious risk for organizations in all fields. Protecting your business from hacking attempts is essential, and it is also important to make certain that your website stays online in the event of a cyb...
How Does SSH Work: Everything You Need to Know
The data transmission between devices should be regulated to communicate correctly. The transmission is executed through a set of rules called network protocol. So, the old network protocols like Telnet don't protect against...
The Ultimate Round-Up of SEO Tips
Over the past few years, more than 60% of businesses have invested in SEO, which means the competition to pop up on the top spot of the search engine result page is quite tricky. But you can identify what your competitors ar...
Why Registering Multiple Domain Names Is Good for Business?
You already know that choosing a domain is very important to your business. When purchasing a domain,...
AEserver Proudly Sponsored The CLOUDFEST 2022
CLOUDFEST is the world's no.1 cloud computing and web-hosting conference and a fantastic community that pushes the limits of innovation every y...
What Is a Backdoor Virus and How To Prevent Backdoor Attacks?
Backdoors are typical and sometimes not necessarily malicious. However, it can make your system more vulnerable to attack. Hackers can take advantage and gain access to your system without you even knowing. The most dangerous thing about backdoor a...
Does My Website Need SSL? Know Why It Really Matters!
Google gives preference to websites with SSL certificates for better search engine rankings. This is why every business should think about having an SSL certificate on their website.
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