Why Windows Hosting Is a Smart Choice for Your Business?

When deciding on which web hosting is the right choice for your business, there are generally two main server options: Linux Hosting and Windows hosting. You need to know what they are and how they differ from each other to avoid making the wrong decision for your business and facing trouble down the line getting your website works as you’d like.

To assist you in making the right choice for your business, we have put together a guide on what windows hosting is and what are the main benefits of windows hosting.

What Is Windows Hosting?

Windows Hosting is a type of web hosting that uses a server operating system based on Microsoft Windows. It is typically used for websites that use Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MS SQL, and Microsoft IIS. This type of Hosting is well-suited for websites that use Microsoft-specific technologies such as .NET, Silverlight, or Visual Basic.

Most web Hosting plans operate on Linux. You can assume that a web Hosting company does not specify a plan is windows hosting; it’s Linux hosting. However, for some website owners, Windows hosting is a better choice, and it’s essential to seek a plan that offers particular features that come with it.

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Top 3 Benefits Of Windows Hosting

Here are the key benefits of Windows hosting that justify why you should go for Windows Hosting for your business website:

Compatible with Other Windows Tools

For many businesses, this is the main reason to choose windows hosting. If your business website was built using Windows-based tools and software, then Windows hosting is the way to go. Having a web hosting platform that works seamlessly with other Windows tools and software can improve productivity, streamline processes, and reduce the need for additional technical support.

Having the same vendor for both your operating system and web hosting also simplifies the process of updating and maintaining your systems, ensuring that all components work together seamlessly and reducing the likelihood of compatibility issues.

Another point worth considering is that having a tech support team that is already familiar with Microsoft products and solutions can be a huge benefit, as they can quickly resolve any issues and provide efficient support for your web hosting platform.

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It Runs on the Familiar Windows Operating System (OS).

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world, with over 400 million users and a user base estimated at around 1 billion. This makes it a popular choice for businesses and individuals who are already familiar with the Windows interface and prefer a direct and intuitive user experience.

For those who plan to use the server user interface directly, Windows hosting provides a more familiar and user-friendly interface than the Linux user interface, which can be more complex and less intuitive for some users. Familiarity with the Windows operating system can reduce the learning curve and improve the overall experience of using Windows hosting.

It Comes With the Easy-To-Use Plesk Control Panel

While Linux Hosting uses cPanel, Windows hosting uses the Plesk control panel, which provides a user-friendly interface for managing websites and domains, setting up email accounts, and managing reseller accounts. Unlike cPanel, which is more commonly used with Linux hosting, Plesk is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial websites and app owners. In addition, users already familiar with the OS can directly use the Windows server Hosting interface. Those who want something more user-friendly can count on the Plesk control panel to make it easier to make updates and changes to your website.

Plesk is compatible with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla and offers a number of different extensions that allow companies to add more functionality to the control panel. These extensions can help to improve website security and performance and add new applications to the website. The flexibility and versatility of Plesk make it an attractive option for businesses that need more control over their website and hosting environment.

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Further Benefits

Windows Hosting offers several other benefits to website owners. Comprehensive customer support is one of the advantages of Windows hosting, with a large number of dedicated customer support executives available to help.

Windows Hosting typically allows for the easy installation of various applications and often comes with unlimited disk space, FTP accounts, and bandwidth. The advanced admin panel options, regularly upgraded, give website owners greater control over their hosting environment and website.

And as mentioned already, it can easily integrate with other Microsoft products and services, making it an excellent choice for businesses that are already using Microsoft tools for their day-to-day operations. This integration can save time and effort for businesses, as they don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or extra configuration steps.

Who Should Use Windows Hosting?

Most small businesses and startups starting on the web usually get a shared hosting or cloud hosting plan based on a Linux web server because it makes the most sense because of its affordability and reliability. Where Windows Hosting really makes the most sense for larger businesses and enterprises that have been around for a while and have built their websites and other systems on windows solutions.

It makes sense to go with Windows hosting if you are using technologies like ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft developed and supported these technologies, and they work best on a Windows server.

Ultimately, the decision to use Windows hosting or any other type of Hosting should be based on your business’s specific needs and requirements. It’s essential to consider factors such as compatibility with existing software and systems, scalability, and cost, among others. Also, please consult your IT team and hosting provider to determine the best solution for your business because they are experts and will likely have a strong feeling on the subject.


Windows web hosting is a boon for players across different industries looking to establish a solid web presence. If Windows hosting is the right choice for your company, make sure you find the particular Windows Hosting plan and provider that offers what you need.

So, if you’re looking for a secure and reliable Windows Hosting plan, in that case, you can check our Windows Hosting packages, where you can choose between three variations depending on your business size. You get guaranteed resources, full root access, DDoS protection, and more at a cost-efficient price.

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