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Expert Insights on Domains and Hosting in the UAE & Beyond
How To Change Your Domain Name Without Losing Traffic and Ranking
Want to change your website's domain name after a business rebrand, or want to switch to something shorter?
Is WordPress Free? What are the Costs? Is there a Catch?
The main reason behind WordPress's popularity is its open-source software and if you ask, "is WordPress free ?" The answer is yes. While WordPress is technically free, setting up and running a WordPress site still inv...
Domain Hijacking and How to Protect Yourself
The visibility and success of an online business start with a good domain name; as a domain and website security risk, "domain hijacking" or "domain theft" is not new. If a domain is hacked, it results in significan...
AEserver at Web Summit Lisbon 2022
Technology drives innovation, and the Web summit is proof of that! Web Summit is the World's no1 annual technology conference held in Lisbon. It brings together experts fr...
What Is Domain Flipping? Nine Tips To Make Money Flipping Domains
Want to make a full-time income with part-time hours? Domain flipping is one way to go. It is a very lucrative business where you can sell domains for thousands of dollars – buying from one place and then selling elsewhere. ...
Six Phases of the Website Design and Development Process
Launching a new website is very exciting for most businesses. You are probably eager to see it up and running, but rushing into things usually creates a mess and can negatively affect your website performance. That is why in...
What Are the Most Common Domain Extensions Used in Gulf Countries?
Are you wondering which are the most common domain name extensions in Gulf countries? A domain name points people directly to your website hence choosing ...
Why Your Small Business Needs a Firewall
Today, businesses are connected globally more than ever. Most businesses are connected to the internet, making it much easier to perform business operations. While it positively affects millions of businesses, helping them t...
Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Hosting – Why Paid Is Better?
Whether you are creating a personal blog or a website focused on your business, you can't run from the fact that you will need web hosting to publish your website on the internet so people can access it.
WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?
Most beginners are confused by the difference between WordPress hosting vs. Web hosting. Generally speaking, not every WordPress site needs WordPress-specific hosting. Man...
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